Need photoshop help

Hi there, I was recently making some new artwork for my Mayflash arcade stick on Photoshop CS5. But apparently the person who made the template is completely retarded, because the pixel ratio on the .psd is 3071 by 2362. That doesn’t mean 2 shits when getting it printed though. Apparently the original physical size on the template was 116 inches by like 96 inches. I measured the face of the arcade stick and I got (width by height) 9 28/32 inches by 7 1/2 inches. But when I try to change the image size to 9 28/32 (width in inches) it both changes the height, AND the pixel ratio. So I entered 9.875 (9 28/32) by 7.5 (7 1/2) and it came out as height: 7.592 inches; width 9.875; pixel width: 1185; and pixel height: 911.

I called in my bro who is a graphic designer thats good on Photoshop and he couldn’t figure it out. Can someone help me fix this please?


If it’s the template I’m thinking about, then you need to change the DPI rate on it from 72 to 300.

Agreed, you got it right on the nose there. 300 dpi works for me.

naturally ppi (its photoshop there is no dpi) is set to 311 lol

but the i did do that it still doesnt work properly

Well then there’s a chance you’re using a different template than what I thought. If this is the case, then I apologize.

Just to double-check, go to Image -> Image size. Then, uncheck “resample image” and change the resolution to 300 pixels/inch. This should set the document size to 10.237"w x 7.873"h while keeping the pixel dimensions the same. If the dimensions are different , then we’re not talking about the same template.

easy fix could be to open a template that is the proper size… copy the layers you want from the old one to the new and then resize them as needed.

indeed the same one.

I tried that, but that doesn’t make any sense. When you make a new one you don’t get to choose physical size. And when i size a new one properly i face my original problem, the physical size isn’t what it’s supposed to be, and when i change it, it fucks with the resolution, and the other dimension.

It’s probably a lot easier for you guys to fix it first hand than let me do it myself, I can’t seem to grasp this. If anyone has some time and wants to take a shot at it here you go. (.psd)

Download Current Artwork.psd for free on

Have you tried printing it with 300dpi and page scaling set to none?
The template I used was 3071x2362 too and it worked fine.

I’ve tried printing at 3071x2362 once, myself lol, but the physical size was still a bit off.

last time i printed it myself, this time when i go to staples to i just bring them the psd on flash drive set to 300 ppi, ask them to print 80lb matte cardstock 300 dpi laminated?

This. This this this.

Yes, but 80lb cardstock with laminate is a bit overkill unless you like the feeling of cutting through plywood with an x-acto knife. Use a lighter paper else you’ll have a hard time getting a smooth cut on the sides of your artwork.

I recommend lamilabel, but if you can’t get that anywhere nearby (and only FedEx Office seems to have it these days), then go with laminating. Laminate also darkens your artwork for some reason, so make sure to try out three or four printed sheets with varying levels of brightness before actually requesting they be laminated.

k so 10.237 by 7.873 will work fine? it’s a bit off from what i measured but ok then.

Well, Cardstock i heard is necessary for printing, i dont want my art to be fucked if i spill something on it so laminate is necessary. what weight paper do you recommend?

if your going to laminate it just use regular print paper 11X15 if you use cardstock your going to open another thread talking shit about how hard it is to cut through laminate/90lb cardstock.

that combo is a pain in the ass to cut

K, but the way i’m cutting it is while its on the stick through th button holes. the template holes don’t line up properly. would it still be exceedingly difficult?

Do NOT print the template button holes.

Honestly, your best bet with a Mayflash is to take off that top black sticker, wipe the adhesive off with some windex or some adhesive remover, and then carefully use that as a template. The top four buttons are a BITCH no matter how you cut it, and would be impossible to cut accurately if it’s already mounted on the stick if you’re using laminated paper.

I know i learned from my mistake. Too bad i garbaged that black vinyl sticker though. First I ripped off the original sticker, got rid of adhesive etc… cleaned my house through the sticker out , Printed out artwork on my uncles computer (i know) which is far from industrial, on normal paper, (with button holes) and then got it laminated at staples. the top 4 buttons were indeed a major bitch to cut and they starting peeling around them, and then the corners of the laminate started peeling (after about a month and a half -2months), and the template button holes were awfully placed it was just awful. So i peeled that art off, got rid of adhesive etc… ordered a new jlf shaft, because being the fail that i am, i let my dad try to twist the ball top off the jlf with bare pliers, a octo gate, a ls 33 spring to make it stiffer, and 8 ps-14-kns. here we are. i need to get my new tf2 art printed, wait like a month and a half because it takes years for arcade parts to get through customs (im in canada)(from lizardlick), or at least it did last time (usps first class). when my parts arrive I’ll probably go get my art printed again. Wait 2 months, and have to replace it again lol. So now i play the waiting game. (Also if anyone was wondering about those monster things in the corners of my artwork those are my symbol, the drambit.)

so far as i know atm all i need to remember is to get it printed at 300 dpi, normal paper, laminated, without button holes or anything, and at 100% on photoshop. and i just need to bring the psd on a flash drive. And afaik the templay physical size should work just fine, (i never took into consideration the white border around it adding to the size lol) so i guess im set and this thread is pretty much fulfilled.

Also you didnt answer my question, would it be too hard to cut through 80lb laminated cardstock THROUGH the mayflash? as in lining it up and cutting the artwork with the actual button holes.

Also sorry for the walls of text lol.