Need players to help me get better


Friday night at 8pm I am going to have a game night, I have tons of games on PS3 and Xbox but most of my fighting games are on PS3, if anyone would want to play Xbox that wouldn’t be a problem. I live in Detroit, west side Linwood and davison area text or call for more info 313-468-2872 shindarkchild


So far I’m pretty good at blazblue (I have all of them) I’m OK at street fighter(sorry I don’t have ultra yet, I’m waiting for the disc) and smash bros(I’m playing a lot of the mods of that like minus and pm) it’s room enough for like 6 people and I have a 30 flat screen and a big old school TV


Try looking here or check for a facebook community for your area since a lot of the matchmaking boards are dead.


Yeah I just posted on fb also, thanks


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