Need players to play with on X360

It seems everyone I play are beginners. I need more competition. I don’t even know how good I am anymore. On GGPO, I use to play with a lot of good players but I have no way to get in contact with them anymore. I’m initally a pad player but ever since learning stick, I’m not at where I use to be but I’m getting there. I play Ibuki, Shotos, Makoto, Hugo, Dudley, and main Yang. But now that I’m on stick, my movement is not too good, thus, I really only use Shotos and Makoto.

I NEED players to play with so I can up my game. Please leave your gamer tag for xbox 360, and I will add you ASAP. And if you’re on when I’m on, expect a challenge (an invite). If you’re too lazy to leave your gamer tag in this thread, my gamer tag is “TrippinSix” - add me.

I’m in Toronto, btw. I played guys like metric. yuuki, acslayer and many west coasters on GGPO and it felt good. So I don’t care if you’re from the WC.

its my username.

GT: Apharmd Striker