Need pro tips against Guile




There’s an upcoming tournament in my country in which there will be some pretty tough Guile players. I know pretty much against guiles but need pro tips like character specific setups and crossups. I have a pretty high chance of winning the tournament as well. So guys I need your help.

For instance this one particular guile reffuses to take a throw as he mashes crouch tech alot. Plus sometimes he uses cr.HP instead of crouch tech to stuff my dive kick.

He also is a huge turtle.

What should be the game plan here?

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if he’s just crouch teching dive kick blows thats up, if he’s using the cr.hp OS then id suggest throwing in some The mp will stuff the cr.hp and give you the opportunity to link into cr.lp xx ex galactic tornado (if its a counter hit you can do ex tornado). Delaying dive kicks can work to get around some of his aa’s, you just gotta know when to call it quits tho seeing as guile can dish out heavy damage if you keep coming in from the air. Also off a forward throw you can dash twice and do jumping mk to cross him over a lil ambiguously (pretty standard setup). Just play patiently, stick to the ground and feel him out then explode once you get him in the corner, gl amigo.


The 2 dashes after a forward through is working on Adon and balrog but not on Guile. Maybe I am doing it wrong but I’ve tried it several time but never hit once.


crap maybe it wiffs then, i figured it would work on him since as far as i know he has a normal hitbox. Sorry about that


Plus Guiles beats a low/instant dive kick.

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if hes mashing it, stop attacking, let his cr.hp hit you and punish, its hella unsafe on block


Yeah unfortunately forward throw, dash x2 doesn’t work on Guile. On the plus side though you can do - xx GT and x2 works as well :slight_smile:


Yeah I usually go for mp into hp-gt as it connects on most of the cast.

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If you want to really blow up Guile’s cr.FP grab tech, just divekick, then go straight into a LVL 2 Focus.

Instant crumble. Makes him second guess pressing that tech again.


Sorry guys I could not win. I came second place. I beat that Guile player but final was supposed to be against Abel which I would’ve eaten easily but he counter pick Fei Long.

I was from the loser’s bracket so I did the reset. Then after 1-1, I lost.

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