Need Projectile Help!

One of the things I still cannot get over is how much easier it is to dodge projectiles in SSIV. I still have the HDR mentality where you could literally zone the living hell out of someone with a simple Hadouken>Sweep trap. How exactly are you guys zoning with fireballs here? They are not effective at full-screen and can be easily jumped if you throw them from sweep distance. So, ideas? Thanks alot!

At full screen they are still useful, just require a lot less attention to detail to avoid.

You have to be ambiguous when you throw fireballs. Don’t fall into patterns and if you think your opponent might predict it, don’t throw it. Mixing up how your character looks when they throw the fireball helps as well. Throwing a standing normal before the fireball eliminates the crouching animation and creates a few extra milliseconds of reaction time for your opponent. Another tactic is delaying the button input after the forward motion to walk a step first. This adds ambiguity and adjusts the footsie range how you want.

This. Throwing jab version of any projectile is always good because it stays on the screen for the longest. The opponent HAS to deal with it somehow. For example, if I’m 3/4s screen away and I throw a jab boom, most people I play will jump at me. Guile will recover in time to anti-air. Or with Rose, if they jump, its EX Soul throw time. If they happen to neutral jump, walking forward and throwing out a poke usually (for me anyway) leads to a counter hit.

You have to play footsies too. Fireballs are better up close than they are at half screen in SF4. Up close they’re harder to react to and are amazing pokes. Fireballs are faster in SF4 than they are in ST I believe - Ryu’s hadouken is 13 frames, Sagat’s LTS is 12. They combo off light attacks which I don’t think works in SF2. Get people to walk into your fireballs.

Don’t be predictable. Can’t just spam stuff. Got to use your noodle in sf4. Everything is easily countered, so its not a matter of just spamming something, not just fireballs, but everything. SF4 is more about the mental side and less about the techincal execution side of fighting games.

You can’t “just spam stuff” in any SF game, jesus. Fireballs are no easier to use in SF2 than SF4, just the reward for using them right is greater.

fb’s are just as important here as any sf, except theyre zoning factor has been reduced, they still serve nicely for chips (chip dmg), combo ending, for armor breakingc ex unless ur akuma, and combo extending via fadc, and also to annoy people. know when to use them, just try to read up and know the matchup, if they character or person your fighting doesnt have a good answer to fireballs, then spam away .