Need recommendation- 58-65"+, minimal latency

Just posted this request over on AVSforums to see what kind of answer I can get from them, and hope I might get some insight from folks here.

I need a recommendation for a new TV set.

-Major gaming use, (competitive fighting gamer here) so low to nonexistent input lag is the biggest priority. I really want to dual monitor tests; the usual “I dont feel any lag” isn’t going to help. Absolutely no more than 16ms lag over HDMI. Low to nonexistent latency over component (480 and 720) and VGA is also needed, but can be over 16ms if needed.
-Minimum of 58", with 65" preferred
-No projection of any kind.
-No preferences on technology (LCD, LED, Plasma)
-Not a 100% stickler on picture quality, so if the same latency requirements are met on a cheaper model, I’ll go with the cheaper model.
-Max $4k-ish. I can’t swing the massive large format computer monitors or I’d be doing that.

So please, can anyone point me in the direction of a model of a 65" tv with the absolute least amount of input latency?

(You guys found the Evo monitor than I love. Please help me find a TV I can love.)

Plasmas tend to have the least amount of display lag out of all the HDTVs. Plasmas also have much larger screen sizes for more reasonable prices compared to LCD or LED. Panasonic makes some of the best Plasmas on the market also know for being virtually lag free.

Those are all generally assumed to be correct. Do you know of any specific latency test results on any specific models in my size?

I did a lot of research on this topic before I got my Panasonic G15. They don’t make those in the size you’re looking for, but there may be an equivalent.

The best advice I can give is, find a TV you’re interested in and get the model number. Hit up AVS and search the model number and “input lag”. If anyone’s done a test on it, you should get something back.

If not, I believe does tests on input lag. A writer by the name of Vincent Teioh ALWAYS includes input lag results in his reviews. If I recall correctly, they compare the latency of the TV being tested to their “benchmark TV”, which had 30ms of input lag. So adjust their findings by taking it away from 30ms (for my G15, for example, they reported -15ms input lag; so 30ms benchmark - 15ms = 15ms average input delay = one happy plasma ownwer :P)

Hope that helps in your search!

I’ve been digging through AVS forums for a while now; I’ve definitely seen some long threads on input latency, but I can’t find anyone who’s actually done a test on any in my size range; most are 32" at best.
I’ll dig through the HDTVtest site and see if I can find anything. What really ticks me off the number of sets with different make and model of the actual screen, while all having the same manufacturer part number.

(HDTVTest is probably gonna break my heart seeing all of the TV’s with built in SCART connections. God I’d love that on a set over here. Direct connect anything with an RGB signal in it.)

I did much the same thing. It was only after laborious effort that I found that the G15s and G10s are the EXACT SAME TV… only with a different bezel.

HDTVTest might only review TVs up to 52 inches, I just found out. It’s pretty hard to find reviews specifically in the size range you want, but as I said, it’s worth checking to see if there is an equivalent, like the G15 series comes in many different sizes.

I’ll see if I can do some digging for you. I spent months on researching mine, so I feel your pain and I’m glad to help.

The real kick in the ass is I ordered a Kuro 6020 (60" kuro plasma) back in December. After waiting like 3 weeks for it to arrive, it shows up, gets unboxed, looks glorious, turn it on, and no picture + massive buzzing. I had to refuse delivery and wait a month before amazon refunded my money. Now the same model is $4500 instead of the $3200 I first paid for the bad one in December. :frowning:

That… is hell. Those sets are amazing. I really wanted one, but it was just way too much for me, even on a discount.

Just know that if you’re getting a plasma for gaming, though it has everything else going for it (cost for size, minimum lag, best picture) you ARE going to burn-in on it. If it’s going to be for competition gaming that means it’ll have games on it for extended periods of time and in that case you usually want to go LCD.

I’m pretty sure even Toodles knows this is false, almost all modern Plasmas, and especially any one he’s gonna buy has complete burn in protection. Image retention is a totally different thing than burn in and is completely temporary.

I use this

“No lag”, it is awesome. There is a bit of ghosting with the image sometimes, usually with straight lines but nothing major.

I burned resident evil 5 into my tv after playing it for about 10 hours over 2 days. I have a newer gen panasonic plasma.

Now I have to make sure I watch a movie or something after I play SF or I’m gonna get those ultra meters burned in.

I’m not saying plasmas are bad in fact I love them but, he outright said “-Major gaming use, (competitive fighting gamer here)” which means static health bars for hours a day. In this situation caution would be advised.

Just for full disclosure, I do plan on running a burn in process on it for the first 200 hours or so. From everything I’ve read, the shifting images with no static display during those first hours help prevent image retention for the rest of the life of monitor.

The “break-in” definitely helps in the long run but, static images are still logical concern despite what marketing says. If you think you’ll be playing 8 hours a day, there isn’t really a way to prevent burn in. Even if you break in the Tv first.

Maybe someone can prove me wrong but, from my own experiences I believe this to be true.

Any chance you could do one of the laptop + camera tests on it to see how it does?
And if I dont make a pick soon, I may just try to bug you in two weeks; I’m coming up for the comic-con.

Not according to HD Guru and many other reputable sources. I think he did an estimate on 2009 model plasmas, and you’d basically have to be watching something, say 4:3 material with bars on the side, for several weeks straight for it to burn in and actually retain.

There’s a good chance you’ll have some image retention, which isn’t necessarily the same thing as burn in. I notice on my Panny after I watch a movie with bars on top and bottom that I have a faint outline when i stop the movie and the screen is all black. Always goes away in maybe 15 minutes, and if I watch regular television immediately after the movie I can’t see them.

Black or grey bars on the side of the screen for 2 or 3 hours is one thing but, we’re talking static white text for 8 hours straight every day. That’s what happen on my tv, the name and life bars of the RE5 characters burnt in.

If you can direct me to a post describing what I need and how to do it I can give it a shot.

Appreciated. You can read guides on it bunches of places, but its basically the same:

Clock programs

That site has a bunch of cool tools for testing monitors.