Need Recommendations for PC usb gamepad for fighting games

I am looking for suggestions for very responsive pc usb gamecontroller. The ones I have tested have questionable responsiveness on the DPAD. Therefore, very responsive controls especially on the dpad is a must. I do not own a PS3 or X360 controller,and I would rather not purchase one for this cause anyways.

I am using win7

PS2 pad + USB adapter - even radio shack has them.

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There’s a Logitech pad that works very well. I can’t remember the name of the pad at the moment, but I’ll do a search.

EDIT: It’s this pad, but there’s a version with no rumble.

This drops next week.
Buy NeoGeo Pad USB (PS3?) -

Unreallystic nailed it. PS2 to USB adaptors are mad cheap.

Xbox 360 controller for Windows works fine for me.

Yes but that pad has a horrible dpad for fighting games.

Madcats sticks work on PCs through the USB port.

Yeah, what they said. You could probably find a used PS2 controller for $15 and the USB adapter for $10 at radio shack. That’s how I’ve been playing my emulators and roms for the past few years. They haven’t failed me for GGPO either.

I just use a ps3 pad.