Need Roommate for EVO at Paris LV

Hey guys, I am looking for 2 to 3 extra people (up to 4 people total) at Paris Las Vegas Hotel, for a Premier Room reservation from the 11th to the 15th (there are 2 beds in that room @ reservation), and the pricing is around $300 (for 4 people), or $326 for only 3 people. Preferably non-smoker and neat (not snobby) person, contact me via pm if you are interested. (I will check the pm often). Call Soon!!

Note: I have been to EVO twice, so if you’re new to going to EVO, I will definitely help you out on prepping for EVO trip as well.

Hey guys, just a small headsup, I have one more open spots left (there will be 3 person in the room total), contact me if you need the space ASAP.

How much per person for let’s say 2 nights? What about 1 night?

Im in, let me know cause im trying to find a place for EVO.