Need Roommates for EVO


[S]Hey guys I am looking for 2 roommates for EVO, I am staying at Caesar from Thurs to Monday, I got the cheap rate so its about $200 per person total (if there’s 2 guys). Just make sure u have good hygiene and non-smoker. PM me if you’re interested and we will arrange details.[/S]

Update: sorry guys, the room is closed…got enough ppl


Just a quick thing, make sure you’re in a smoking-allowed room before letting a smoker in there.


hey guys, right now I still looking for at least one more roommate for my room (we have 2 right now), PM if you’re interested


I am interested in helping out. PM me details plz.


you still need roomates to go? Im interested let me know! message me


Pm me also. I am looking to stay Friday and Saturday night only. I can bring a setup (pc+sticks) for sfxtekken and sf4ae


Really? PM me the details


Contact the user named Vulpes by pm. He’s been looking for a while now to shack up with some gallant fellas this EVO.