Need rufus expert help lol

ok im exaggerating a little but heres my question once i have the opponent in the corner and hes in the knock downed state i go for the cross up dive kick where i land on the other side and when i go to link my standing lk i get thrown every time… is the height from which im crossing over too high to land the standing lk i swear i see jwong land this…

Just because it combos on hit doesn’t mean it’s a safe blockstring on block.

hmmm so your saying jwong is gambling when going for this?

You are probably hitting the top of their heads. It’s unsafe by then

The throw isn’t a punish to the divekick, if you do another instant air divekick you’ll punish the throw and you can do the full -> s.hp xx GT combo or xx -> ultra.

Take it to training mode and see if you can combo off it on hit. If you can’t you’re doing the divekick too high.

Kik’s got it. You’re probably too high. If they’re throwing you just do another instant dive and get the full combo. That’ll make them think twice :smiley:

got it u guys r amazing!