Need rundown of assists and capabilities with assists



Need rundown of assists and capabilities with assists

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]I’m looking to make a thread in the general mvc3 forum that helps explain how the assists work and how assists work for each specific character. Basically I’d just like a quick rundown of 3 things.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]1. A generic description of each character’s specific assists and their uses in battle for offense/defense/adding hits to combos etc.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]2. A general rundown of which assists work well for their rushdown/defense/lockdown etc. Something like this…[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]**NOTE: Look at the last spoiler, for some reason there’s 2 glitched out spoilers. **[/FONT][/COLOR]



[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Reliance on assists on point without XF = Reliant[/FONT][/COLOR]
[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Reliance on assists with XF2 = Moderate[/FONT][/COLOR]
[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]XF3/Anchor abilities = Solid[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Strong assists for lockdown/pressure: Haggar lariat (stops opponent from attacking, hard knockdown for s.H OTG on hit) Ammy Cold Star (long mix up lockdown), Arthur Daggers (fast start up, long mix up lockdown) Sent drones (long mix up lockdown), Chun Li legs (long mix up lockdown, fast activating), Dante Jam Session (long mix up lockdown, keeps aerial characters grounded), Dorm Dark Hole (long mix up lockdown) Akuma tatsu (aerial lockdown, passes through projectiles during active frames), Iron Man repulsor blast (long lockdown, keeps opponent from jumping/flying), Iron Man Unibeam (standard beam lockdown), Tron Fire(standard lockdown, protects your block strings), any other long active multi hitting assist not mentioned.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Strong assists for projectile and assist clearance or unblockable set up: Iron Man Unibeam (projectile/assist clearance, decent active frames for mix up), Shuma Mystic Ray(projectile/assist clearance, keeps opponents from jumping/flying), Arthur Daggers(projectile/assist clearance/fast start up), Wesker gun shot (unblockable set up),Akuma tatsu(absorbs standard beam projectiles during active frames, loses to large hit box projectiles like Dante’s Crystal or Hulk’s Gamma Wave), Storm Whirlwind (projectile/assist clearance), Deadpool Quick Work (unblockable set up), Magneto Disruptah (projectile/assist clearance),Felicia Rolling Buckler (unblockable set up, high priority against other attacks once active),She Hulk Torpedo (unblockable set up)[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]General assist strategy is to have an assist that locks people down or keeps them down to set up high low mix ups and air M box jumps (aka air dash M cross up). The reason why Doom is more reliant on an assist to lock people down even though he can move around and fly like Mags and Storm is that he doesn’t have a dash that cancels with normals. Whenever you dash with Dr.Doom you get the ability to cancel it into a jump instead. This is technically a nerf since it makes your wave dash reliant on forcing you to jump first. Making you susceptible to air throws even though you’re basically on the ground.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]To offset this though once you get an assist that locks down once you get in you can create really long block strings with very minimal gaps since Doom has the ability to cancel his normals into dashes. This means you can lock someone down with say Ammy’s cold star and go for a mix up. If somehow you don’t land anything they still can’t push guard you because of the assist. Once the assist is gone you can start throwing out c.L’s and follow them up with c.H which does a lot of block stun and can be OS’d by doing c.L~c.H so it comes out on a hit or block but not on whiff. If the opponent push guards the c.H you can confirm with the plink that they blocked and advance guarded and then just continue dashing through the advance guard with jump cancelling your dash into an ADDF once or twice to stay right in their face. By that time Ammy Cold Star should be available to lock them down again and if they advance guard too much they push themselves into the corner and lose.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Doom on point isn’t very reliant on DHC synergy because all he wants to do is have his assists plus his normal dash cancels through advance guards help him push people towards the corner. If they’re close enough to the corner Doom has TOD’s that can do up to 1.15 to 1.2 million damage without DHC glitch. 1.15. to 1.2 is easier to achieve with an assist but you can still get 1.05 to 1.1 easy without assist once you build the 2 plus meters at the end of the combo.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Doom also goes well on point with any assist that helps clear up point or assist based projectiles or attacks.[/FONT][/COLOR]


[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]3. How good the character is as an anchor.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Thx in advance.[/FONT][/COLOR]

MvC3: Help making team withC.Viper

Copy pasting your Doom sheet and modifying it, this is my opinion and other Vipers may or may not agree.

[FONT=Helvetica]Reliance on assists on point without XF = Assists cover bad match ups, enhance match ups she already wins.[/FONT] Moderate (Best place for her to be)
[FONT=Helvetica]Reliance on assists with XF2 = Low, faster seismo start up and stupid mix ups make her need for assists lower in XF2, mainly useful for once she’s in, in this state. XF 2 can be avoided as 236C cannot be feinted in X-factor 2, thus forcing separate combos. If you learn different combos for it however all is well.[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica]XF3/Anchor abilities = As an anchor she’s incredibly fast and thus both hard to control and hard to block. Her ability to chip in this mode is very high provided you have the execution to deal with advance guarding and she builds gauge while chipping instead of using it. She can kill every character off of any throw at any height, any hit at any height, and in the process can force the next victim to fall in, in the corner.[/FONT]

General preferred assists breakdown:
Excellent assists:
Spencer (Slant shot)
Magneto (EM Disruptor)
Akuma (Tatsumaki zanku kyakku)
Taskmaster (Horizontal aim master or Vertical aim master)
Dante (Jam Session preferred though all 3 are useful for her)
Amaterasu (Cold Star)
Doom (Hidden Missiles Or Plasma Beam)
Haggar (Lariat)
Storm (Horizontal Whirlwind)
Sentinel (Charge Drones)
Felicia (Rolling Bucklet)
Dormammu (Dark Hole)
Zero (Hadangeki once in Sougenmu)
Chun-Li (HyakuretsuKyaku)
MODOK (Floating bomb or barrier)
Hsien-Ko (Senpu-bu once in Rimoukon mode)
I’ve likely missed a few but I’ll edit this post when I remember them

[FONT=Helvetica]Strong assists for lockdown/pressure[/FONT]

Dante (Jam session): is exceptional for her lock down, pressure, and space control games, it alone single-handedly reverses a lot of her bad match ups and is probably the most vital assist to have for Viper IMO. She can get unblockables, mix up, and combos off of this and it forces a lot of mistakes from people coming in if they know the unblockable is coming. Good combo ender as well.

Dante (Crystal): although this sadly means not having Jam Session, Viper can get a lot done with this as it extends her combos for exceptionally high damage, letting her link things after light and medium thunder knuckles without much difficulty at a very hit confirmable time. Controls an awful lot of space making 623B + Crystal assist a close to impenetrable wall from the ground, forcing enemies to the dangerous skies.

Akuma (Tatsumaki Zanku Kyakku): is universally a good assist, but Viper gets higher damage than most off of it on hit and unlike everyone else can use it for unblockables in the corner. It also assists in her zoning game since with it eating projectiles and her seismic hammer eating projectiles they blaze through a lot of otherwise solid zoning tools.

Amaterasu (Cold Star): areat for mix up, pressure, and unblockables. provides guarenteed kills on characters who lack air mobility, good combo ender as well.

Dr. Doom (Hidden Missiles): if Viper corners an enemy and has this assist it’s their job to never let her summon it as she gets a very dangerous unblockable set up. Along with this it also supplements her zoning game, especially the air component.

Dormammu (Dark Hole): she gets focus unblockables off of this and like Akuma it eats projectiles and gives awhile to hit confirm. Awkward static spacing makes it less useful for her than tatsu assist, but still decent.

Sentinel (Charge Drones): like all highly mobile characters with a zoning tool she can use Drones for anything from mix up, to zoning, to a way to get in more easily. With burn kicks and burn kick feints she has a very confusing left right game that’s visually disorienting. If this connects in the corner a stupid amount of seismic hammers can be fired off for chip.

Chun-Li (HyakuretsuKyaku): Viper gets a mass of seismic hammers or focus unblockables off of this assist, however other things allow this and the assist is attached to Chun-Li.

Hsien-Ko (Senpu-Bu once in Rimoukon mode): The normal vulnerability to being popped by team supers/ dash back beams etc is dramatically minimized when paired with Viper’s high invincibility beam destroying super of her own, long block/hit stun, but of course it’s attached to Hsien-Ko.

** [FONT=Helvetica]Strong space control assists (Ranged):[/FONT]**
Jam session
Hidden Missiles

Spencer (Slant Shot): This assist lets Viper re-ground enemies for a lot of scary things, and perhaps most importantly is a low execution way of converting a full screen seismic hammer into a dead character.

Magneto (EM Disruptor): Likely the fastest full screen horizontal assist that on block or hit lets Viper do whatever she wants, decent in combos, single hit and high damage, helps her over all and is likely one of the best over all thanks to what it comes with.

Taskmaster (Horizontal Aim Master): The most combo friendly horizontal assist in the game, only 3 hits, leaves the enemy grounded if they started that way, decent start up, huge hit stun, high damage. Helps in controlling space and making combos do ludicrously more damage than they ever should.

Taskmaster (Vertical Aim Master): With this Viper can control far too much of the screen far too safely, much harder to use than other zoning tools but if used correctly Viper should always have control of exactly where the enemy is.

Storm (Horizontal Whirlwind): For some reason I always forget about some of the ridiculous properties Storm’s assist has, the amount it pushes people away paired with the amount of time it lasts for lets Viper go fully into her zoning game for massive chip and letting certain characters never really get in.

Zero (Hadangeki once in Sougenmu): A poor man’s Taskmaster horizontal arrows, that said Task arrows are so ridiculous that the poor man’s version is still quite ridiculous. Covers fatter vertical space than Task’s however.

MODOK (Floating Bomb): With Viper’s ability to keep people from throwing out obvious projectiles by punishing with seismo having such a long lasting space control element can be really powerful against certain characters who want to get in.

Other assist utlities:


Haggar (Double Lariat): Viper along with Dante and Doom make this already powerful assist even moreso, she can kill characters off of connected Haggar hits and it’s a terribly dangerous assist for others to deal with on either rush down or zoning Viper.

MODOK (Barrier): Needs to be summoned pre-emptively, if this is next to Viper and Viper’s next to someone they have the potential to be in a ridiculous amount of trouble. Viper can safely summon these at point blank with superior seismo strings and it gets stupid.

Felicia (Rolling Buckler): High/Low unblockable set up and moves people a very nice range akin to Storm, great for getting people to different locations depending on your game plan.

General assist strategy with Viper is to negate the areas she lacks strong control (high in the air either vertical or diagonal and absolutely full screen) or enhance the areas she already has strengths (Everywhere on the ground where the majority of the game is played) Even though she has the tools she needs for every situation some of these make certain match ups hopeless for your enemy. Since she has excellent mobility along with the ability to put grounded and normal jump height opponents into block stun at will she has the ability to most safely summon assists out of every character in the game, she has the ability to force a 2 on 1 where seismos blow up enemy summons while hers get to come out. The only exception is against highly mobile Magnetos (EM disruptor) and Storms (Float) where it can still be 2v2 thanks to their varying tools. Because she can force others to not use their assists at range or in moderate proximity often she should be abusing hers all day to push her lead. Thanks to how multifaceted her game play is she can either use assists to maintain or change spacing depending on the match up and remove options from other players giving her either free mix up, free chip, or free re-establishment of space.

Some general things she can do with assists: She can set up unblockables via focus attack or her extremely long range high hitting attacks. She can give herself time to link things after either early Thunder Knuckles, or later combo seismic hammers. She can block confirm to be able to either get to point blank or push the opponent full screen away. She can safely add chip to extend block strings. She can punish fish and blow up all punish attempts short of Arthur’s level 3 by putting out assists that would be risky for any other character. An exceptionally good use of assists is to compliment her seismic hammer game, whether it be Hidden missiles to re-establish timing and spacing, or horizontal aim-master to add ludicrous amounts of chip.

As far as DHCs are concerned with Viper they make it easier to kill characters but are not necessary to do so. DHCing out of either Burst Time or Emergency Combination are among the easiest in the game since at the end they cause a soft knock down high in the air which gives plenty of time to set up any kind of DHC including things that normally require DHC tricks. DHCing into her on the other hand is much less fortunate, on hit it’s fairly easy for a myriad of stronger characters, but none of her DHCs are remotely safe on block so bringing her in/out via them is exceptionally risky. That in mind, Emergency Combination has an absolutely idiotic amount of invincibility and will cleanly go through Bionic Lancer, Killer Illumination, etc, even if they’re started afterward. I believe after Hard drive and Gamma Crush it’s the highest invincibility level 1 in the game.

Viper’s best role is on point since Viper with assists has no truly bad match ups while there are difficult ones for her if she’s left to fend for herself against a potent zoning Mag/Sent, Dark Phoenix XF3, Zero/Doom, etc. In the center Viper’s assists become useful for a team, but the inability to DHC her in outside of combos limits her safety there. Alternatively her counters in can be incredibly strong. As anchor she is incredibly scary, but since her damage is already so high all that gauge and X-factor are better left to people who require them to get the kills.

I hope this is helpful DevilJin01! ^.^

Need the right assist for your character(s)? Look here

^ Wow, how come no one thought of making an assist guide like this sooner? Great stuff Chrisis!


Devil Jin’s making something useful for everyone regardless of character, I’m just trying to help contribute to the Viper section as the person who previously posted seemed to be of the opinion that she was utter ass with or without assists which of course I disagree on. >.>


Alot of beam assists (including akuma and taxmaster), also let Viper to easy and viscous fuzzy guard setups. Iron Man give you the most options in mixup situations, but it also works with the one hit Disruptah as well.


This is nice but im brain dead right now. Chrisis gave a really good set of assists for Viper did DJ need a rundown of Viper’s assists and uses as well?


Yeah that would work great too thx.


Add IM to the list and it’s good. IM’s assist is good in general, but it applies to viper just as well.

Viper is really just Viper/Gun/Lockdown, and usually Viper/Dante/Gun, order depending on characters.


FlyingVe, if you write up a little description of why IM’s is good for her so I can edit it into my post I’m happy to update with that and any other assists you guys would recommend!


Do you remember Gottnoskills video on fuzzy guard setups with Magneto? There it’s even easier with IM because you can just do jC>falling>jS. Also because IM hold people in place it gives you better combo’s off all her overheads and even midscreen siesmo hits. You can also use it in hitconfirms in much the same way you would with any other gun assist. Example here (

It’s not that it does alot that you can’t with other beams, but it does it better and it can do a little more. The big issues with it are that sometimes the hit scaling come into play (not a big issue because of how the game separates pre launch and post launch scaling), and that you can’t DHC into IM safely.

Also, IM unibeam is good as lockdown in general and is a good anti-pushblock tool.


That isreally good. Also I think trish’s peek-a-boo is another really good assist. the trap allows for some really good resets as well as stop jump-ins.


Thunder Knuckle Assist: This assist is by far her most underused assist because it doesn’t provide many applications. In combos you must use without the opponent flying too high in the air or be able to combo off of its launch on an opponent before they recover. After the active frames there is a lot of recovery frames and Viper can be easily hit by the opponent. The best use for this assist is as an alpha exchange. It is invincible I believe up to the 4th frame which is its first active frame the good thing about this is if you use an alpha exchange you will get a hit on anyone attacking, but the amazing thing after you hit them is the ability to feint the thunder knuckle and go into a 800-900k combo if you hit the opponent. The downside is this is tough to time correctly. You can also use this alpha exchange to safely get Viper into the game (on projectiles) if your point character is about to die.

Burning Kick Assist: This assist is a slow overhead which on hit is a soft knockdown. Although the potential seems great, it is very hard to use this assist in unblockable setups because of its long start-up. In most cases the opponent will pushblock a safe unblockable setup before she lands on screen. This assist has no invincibility so it can easily be hit if not protected properly. This assist stops most projectiles in the game on its active frames but you would never use it for that. This assist also has no invincibility so once Viper lands in play she can be hit. Because of the soft knockdown property on the Burning Kick you can extend combos with a lot of hit-stun deterioration. On hit this assist pops the opponent in the air slightly for easy access. You can also use this assist as an alpha exchange and feint the burning kick to get Viper in safely.

**Seismo Assist: **This assist is her OTG and even though this is always a good thing to have, it doesn’t necessarily work like Wesker’s samurai edge or other OTG’s. This pops the opponent high into the air making it hard to combo off of, but if you can time a hit in as the assist OTG’s the opponent there isn’t many problems there. This assist also can be used as an alpha exchange to safely bring in Viper by feinting the seismo or SJC when the seismo has hit the ground. You can take this a step further unlike the two other assists if you have 2 meters and do the alpha exchange and as soon as Viper lands you can do an EX.Seismo to provide retaliation to the attacking opponent.


Good luck on your database DJ


Trish’s low voltage is very similar to EM disruptor. It works well in relaunch combos just like it.

IRON MAN’S REPUSLOR BLAST = unblockable + good in relaunch combos + jenky version of Lariat assist. I think it’s one of the most underrated assists in the game.


I’m really late to the party… Can somebody explain the corner unblockable with doom hidden missiles? I can’t find an explanation anywhere.


Check This out this is one of my most damaging 1 super bar combo’s…


940,600 damage no Xfactor 1 super

Combo steps are in the youtube description!


Nice stuff! Good use of Thunderknuckle feints, do you have those consistent for use in combos? If I found a more stable way to connect them I’d use that stuff in hit confirms. X_X


Yea its tough but when u do them so often u kinda get use to knowing “when” to cancel them because sometimes distance is a factor…


I just don’t do that shiz since if I miss it in tournament I lose the chance to kill a character. If it were reliable for me I’d definitely use it for increased meter gain in combos.


Its not that hard… lol i will post a video sometime tomorrow showing how to do feints and canceling hopefully it will help you to understand some of it. unless you already know it :confused: lol