Need sagat help!



Just started playing sagat needs some new tips!

Whats some small combos that I should be doing?

What should I do when trapped in a corner?

Best jumping in attack? I usally jump in with a HK

Best ground poke?


Easy there BoneMonkey… you’re about to get FLAMED around here.

Anyway, if I may: There are 7 threads that are stickied right above your post. There is a combo thread, a video thread, and QnA thread, and a matchup thread. That will give you 90% of the answers you are looking for. Once you have pored through that and still have questions… well, then go to eventhubs. If you have basic questions, then take them over to the Newbie Saikyo Dojo. The vets in the SF boards get reeeal ornery when you ask basic and open-ended questions, and some of your answers will be debatable so you will only be able to find the answer by playing him and determining what fits your play style.

Are you on XBL or PSN?


I started reading those before I posted and I couldn’t tell if there were from vanilla sf or ssf4 thats why i asked im sorry I also went to the ask a question thread but no one answered my questions


No need for apologies, just trying to help you out.

If you wanna know why, go read my “winning without tiger shots” thread and how roasted I ended up from all the flames.

To be honest with you, would be great for you. They are made up of a large base of spurned SRKers that make it a POINT not to flame new people who are looking for help. Don’t stop reading here though! This is where the real players hang and have plenty of great tips already posted!

Just giving you a heads up. Enjoy Sagat, I am picking him up myself and he is as fun as ever! You never did answer: are you on PSN or XBL?

Edit: everything from Vanilla has been ported over to here and since Sagat is not a new addition, 99% of vanilla information will apply to super. The big difference is learning how to implement angry scar into your routine in super as it greatly ups the damage of the next Tiger Uppercut you perform. (Remember that Sagat has slight damage reductions in order to keep him from being too beastly)


Post your questions in the Q and A thread and wait, sometimes it takes awhile for someone who knows the answer to reply.
Also, if your questions were anything like the ones in the OP of this thread then I’m not surprised no one answered you, all of those questions can be answered by doing some reading in the sagat threads.


Actually Bison, as far as matchup information goes, a lot of it is similar to vanilla.
But specifics have changed DRASTICALLY for Sagat, like block strings (or lack of), juggling properties, AS, damage, etc.


This is why I rarely post. Wealth of knowledge there in the stickies. Yeah… Gotta figure some things out yourself as to why things may or may not be working since Super, but you gotta do that sometimes :slight_smile: Best to learn by experience.


Whats some small combos that I should be doing?

Experiment in training mode and read the stickies about bnb combos. Sagat’s links are slower and in my opinion, more difficult than the other shoto’s. But if you’re just starting out w/ Sagat, don’t worry too much about combos. Sagat is primarily a zoning/anti air character. Learn to annoy apponents with tiger shot mix ups and to knock them out of the air when they start getting dumb.

What should I do when trapped in a corner?

I’m not really experienced enough to answer this, plus it would depend on alot of things.

Best jumping in attack? I usally jump in with a HK

His best air to air is j. HP. Plus is does heavy damage, so it gets my vote.

Best ground poke?

crouching lk, and crouching mk., both are great.