Need Sagat Tech



Going to be playing a Sagat in tournament this weekend… I beat him 10-2 two weeks ago thne he beat me 10-8 last week, and i dont want to lose again.

I am good at the matchup in the neutral game, but I don’t really know any safe jumps or setups. Any help would be amazing! thanks!


I’ll prepare a guide when I get home.


you’re the man angerus


I hope this helps:

VS Sagat

[details=Spoiler]Match-Up: 3/7 Sagat’s favor
Ultra Choice:
Ultra 1 for everything.
Ultra 2 to punish:

  • Sometimes EX TK. It’s listed as -1 on block, but sometimes it’s 0 on block and even +1 on block.
    Choice Pokes: st.HP, st.HK, cr.LP, MP.hb, LP.hb
    Anti-Airs: st.HP, cl.HP, cl.MK, nj.HP, j.MP, LP.hb, EX.hb
    Headbutts punishable:
  • Super and Kara TU (MP.hb [st. block] & HP.hb)
  • Ultra 2, EX Low Tiger, H Low Tiger (HP.hb)
    Safe Jumps: 5fr safejumps
    Fake Xup (corner)
  • f.Dash 3x then jumping RH
  • f.throw, nj,



Fuzzy Guard

Character spec. combos
Works on a standing Sagat.

  • cr. LP xx M. Hands - ext. M Hands: 208 dmg - s.LP, c.LK, cl.MP also works
  • cr. LP xx M. Hands - cr.LP xx H Hands: 225 dmg - s.LP, c.LK, cl.MP also works
  • cr. LP xx M. Hands - ext. M Hands - H Hands: 241 dmg - s.LP, c.LK, cl.MP also works
  • cr. LP xx H. Hands - EX Hands - cr. LP xx H. Hands - H. Hands: 373 dmg - 1bar
  • cr. MK xx H. Hands - EX Hands - cr. LP xx EX Hands - cr. LP xx H. Hands - H. Hands: 491 dmg - 2bar
  • cr. MK xx H. Hands - EX Hands - cr. LP xx EX Hands - cr. LP xx H. Hands - HK: 501 dmg - 2bar

Works on a crouching Sagat.

  • cl. LP - cl MK xx H. Hands - HK: 284 dmg

Works on standing and crouching Sagat.

  • cl HP - cr. LP xx H. Hands - H. Hands: 277 damage - only works on crouching from a jumpin
  • cl HP - cr. LP xx EX Hands - cr. LP xx H. Hands - H. Hands: 395 damage - 1bar

Personal Choice Combo

  • cr. LP xx M. Hands - ext. M Hands - H Hands : 241 dmg
    If you really want to be fancy and do a punish combo. It’s mash-able so it’s not that difficult as it may look.

  • cl HP - cr. LP xx H. Hands - H. Hands: 277 dmg
    Also a great punish combo, although a bit harder to execute.

  • Other than these 2, just stay with your bnb combos.

** Character spec. tech**

  • cr.MP sometimes gets hit by a high tiger shot, to avoid this only use when the TS is directly above you or behind you.
  • Buttslams gain additional negative frames on block due to Sagat’s height. (punishable by TUs)
  • if you forward jump after oicho (with and w/o an attack) then all of Sagat’s TUs will whiff if it’s done as a reversal.
    If he waits 2 frames and delays his TU then he can beat you.

EX Headbutt on block
If Sagat does reversal High Tiger shot you can:

  • Ultra
  • Neutral Jump (and drift with nj.HP)
  • Jab Headbutt through H and EX TS
  • Crouch and advance
  • EX Buttslam

If Sagat does reversal Low Tiger shot you can:

  • Ultra
  • MP Headbutt
  • Neutral Jump
  • Forward Jump + MP (hits)

  • Forward Jump + any other attack (can be blocked but it’s also a safejump)

Matchup Discussion

Mr.SNK: 7-3 (20%/30%)
-Easily E.Honda’s worst match-up.

  • Get friendly with eating some chip damage and jumping over tiger shots.
  • The main struggle here is to get near Sagat, but once you force him into the corner the match-ups becomes 6-4
  • Tiger uppercut can punish blocked sumo slams so gamble with them wisely.
  • Get creative, it’s your job to figure out the Sagat your playing.
  • Most Sagat like to poke after Tiger Knees, throw out an Ex-Torpedo to counter hit.
  • Basically you want to make the Sagat player flinch or hesitate so you can capitalize on his mistakes.
  • Cr.LP can stuff the start up of a tiger shot and has amazing range on it.
  • Be very careful with your cross ups, Sagat is a Really tall character so if you mistime it the block stun will be gone and you’ll end up eating a Tiger Uppercut.
  • I haven’t tried it yet but I think you can oicho his walking HK
  • If your feeling psychic and close enough, try to Ultra or Super his Tigershots and give him a little panic.
  • At a certain range jump in HP beats out his standing HK
  • HP Torpedo can be punished by Tiger uppercut and Ex-Low tiger shot.
  • Once he’s in the corner HHS the fuck out of him and force the compromise so you can punish.
  • Ex-Sumo Splash Beats out Tiger Knee
  • Play random as fuck in an attempt to confuse the Sagat player.
  • Play dirty and what I mean is random and dirty coincide with one another. When you have the Sagat figured to start doing random FADC’s and sitting real close to bait attacks out.
    - This match solely rests on you outsmarting the Sagat player. Don’t get discouraged or upset when you lose, you aren’t really suppose to win this match-up in the first place.[/details]

Edit: Should I remove the spoiler or not?


wow thank you, spoiler is ok i think. this is amazing i owe you one big time! a lot of stuff i didnt know.


Logged in just to say that write up was to legit !!!


@"Mike Robertson"‌

Thanks and no problem.
I’m actually making these mu guides for every character in the game and I’m about 50% done ^^


If your reaction is quick, you can use your ear to listen the fireball sound. Once it hear ‘TI’ , you do the fierce headbutt immediately. It works for low fireball only.


In what language does he say it the fastest, the japanese voice or the english voice?


welll… didnt end up having to play the sagat. made it to grand finals… and lost to rufus. I really don’t know what to do in that matchup. Gonna take this convo over to the matchup discussion thread ill post my replay tonight hopefully you guys can help me out cause im lost. i felt like i played it really well compared to what used to happen to me but still couldnt put together full rounds




Now ultra is 10 frames. Can we do Ext M-Hands into Ultra 1?


This might be possible, but I don’t have ultra yet so I can’t test it out. I’m planning to buy the retail version so I have everyone’s costumes.