Need serious advise!

Hi everyone,

I need some serious advise in my current situation. Before anyone goes crazy, I spent 3.5 hours looking for a thread on this and I can’t seem to find it even though I know its hidden on here somewhere.

My problem is very unique. I need a decent PS2 programmable controller so I can attend MVC2 at EVO2k9. I play the DC version of MVC2 to practice infinite’s, combos, and hyper jumping. I execute more better with my pad on the PS2 version which is crappy version but still I perform better. I am good enough to compete in the tournies, but I am not as good with my stick I had for 2 years. I am a pad player and the DC version requires a PS2 programmable to compete well in the tournament.

Why do I need a Ps2 programmable is because the button configuration isn’t the same for DC then PS2. I want the DC button configuration to be R1=Lp+Hp and R2= Lk+Hk. Right know its R1= partner A and R2= partner B.

I submitted a thread in tech talk and since I haven’t received any posts I am posting a thread here for advise from the MVC2 pad players in how they have there button configuration or where can I find a descent Ps2 programmable wired controller.

I’m no expert on the game in question, but can’t you just change the controls in the menu?

Furthermore, I’ve never heard of a decent stick that was also programmable. In fact, I think I’ve only heard of one programmable, that “dominator” or whatever.

Edit: Oh btw… Another idea. Just press the two buttons instead.

Damn Arabs. Why do you need a PS2 controller for the game when it’s being run on the Dreamcast?

I know some people that use a PS2-DC converter and map lp+hp to a single shoulder button. It makes air and wave dashing so much easier. Also lp+hp supers.

I don’t know why EVO allows it but people who use macros get a rep for being complete shit. Fanatiq is an example. He’s a great player, but he abused the macro so he gets called a scrub.

What you’re asking for, I think you would need to get a custom made but since you have a stick just stick to it.