Need serious Parry help


Im new to the game.Whats the best way to get the feel of it… I played arcade and only Parried 4 times… Also,how do you do the 2 jump f.punches after chun-li’s Hoyokusen special. Also i parry a lot eaiser in CvS2… Why? Thanx in advanced.


the best way to get a feel for parrying is just play a lot and dont be afrid to try it. lose quite a bit in order to learn how it works. eventually it will all fall into place…

i think parrying akumas red fireballs and hurricaine kicks is a good way to practice consecutive parrying.

as far as the 2.fp’s, jsut super jump cancel the last hit and then follow them up and tap on fp.

as far as the cvs2 issue, i am not sure. i find it easier to parry in 3s becuase there are more frames. perhaps you are doing things too quickly?


Haunts couldn’t of said it better. Hurricanes kicks will get in that ass like Rocapads.


Hehe. Thanx guys. But what do you mean about the red versions? Supers?


Red fireballs are the HCB (half-circle back, 63214) Punch version. Multi-hit, so they’re good for training. Shinkuu Hadoukens are pretty good too, or Dudley’s machine-gun punch (QCF+P).



I think he means red parries…

If so, you do them by blocking, then putting the stick in neutral, then tapping forward for the parry. You can’t just go straight from blocking to trying to parry, you need to be at neutral a little bit. You have fewer frames to land the red parry than a regular parry, so you have to be more precise. It gives you more of a frame advantage than a regular parry, but it’s harder to do. Try practicing on something like Ken’s 2-hit axe kick. It’s not a very fast couple of hits, so you’ve got some time to go neutral there.

Personally, I hardly ever use red parries. Most things that I might otherwise red parry, I just parry each hit of instead of blocking the first, or I’ll just block all the hits. Seems to me like the risk of trying to red parry usually isn’t worth it.

Most people won’t give you a chance to just parry their supers because they’ll use them after cancelling or linking another move. If they don’t, though, some supers aren’t all that hard to parry. Akuma’s SAI or Ryu’s SAI are pretty easy to start out on. Some supers are really hard, though. Barring fireball supers, and barring you having so little life that blocking a super would chip you to death, parrying supers usually isn’t that great an idea. They almost all have enough recovery time at the end for a counterattack anyway.


Oh ok. I was talkin about what Thong Boy Bebop said though. Stupid of me to ask that. I should of known:D But I was wondering what a red Parry is and that was my next question so thanx UltraDavid. But im gonna try to get used to it. Ever see the CvS2 match when Ino just defensed all of Mago’s Honda palms. Crazy. I guess what I really wanna know is how people can predict their moves so easily?


Generally it’s a matter of watching the opponent. Knowing the ranges for the opponent’s attacks and what they are likely to do will give you a big heads-up on the whens and wheres. The rest is just being able to react quickly enough when you catch something, and being careful of multi-hit moves.

It’s all a matter of experience, so don’t worry if you don’t pick it up right away. It’s sort of an instinctual “rhythm” thing. Haha, most of 3s is like that.



Cool. Thanx bro.


For me CVS2’s parries are so much harder, but I can see why it might be easier for you. You might be use to the strict timing for parries in CVS2. Game speed is faster. The speed of the normal/special is overall faster too i think. Parries in CVS2 is doing the input the instance it hits you. I know it is with fireballs anyways. In 3s, I parry a bit earlier for the same thing.