Need Serious Tips



Can someone help me with connecting the cr. lp x2 xx st. mp xx SB?

You can see an example at 0:58 (As a Block String) and at 2:07 (As a Combo).

Is there any difference between the timing as block string and as a combo?

And is it any difference than using 1 cr. lp instead of 2 as for as making it connect?


Timing is the same whether it hits or is blocked.

-c.LP, close s.MP is a 2-frame link.
-c.LP, far s.MP is a 1-frame link.

Using 2 c.LP instead of 1 means that you’ll be farther away from the opponent thus getting a far s.MP (again, c.LP, far s.MP -> 1-frame link, hard, unpractical in a real match). If you’re having trouble linking the c.LP into s.MP try using s.LK instead of s.MP (it’s alright to use s.MP in block strings but if you’re going for a combo it’s safer to use s.LK instead).

Also, if the 2 c.LPs hit and you don’t have meter you might want to simply end the combo with a HK Somersault Kick. Easy combo, good damage, knocks down.


If you can’t link the you can try for the see if that is an easier link for you. And really you should just be using the c.lp x2, xx sb as a GC string then as you bnb since the sb never links in the combo and you should use the lp sb, your bnb should be what FSgamer said c.lp x2 xx flashkick (HK).

While I’m at it does anyone know if, c.lp xx flashkick only links on “fat” characters?