Need SF5 training input


I played SF5 at CEO, and it was wonderful! I’m going to get the pre-order and the beta when it comes out.
So, is there a game/games I can play to train for SF5 before the beta?


Omega SF4
New Generation
Second Impact
Third Strike
Super Turbo


SFxT, 3S


Game looks kind of 3rd Strike-ish to me, and 3rd Strike is a damn good game, soooo… yeah.

Just play 3S regardless. It’s great.


Seriously Omega SF4 for sure
Gootecks says the links feel very much like Omega
and you can definitely see that Omega was a testing ground for many ideas that are popping up in SF5
I mean Omega Ryu had a parry…SF5 Ryu has a parry - I rest my case on that alone
You’ll see more command normals, higher damage/stun, easier links etc.,
For an added bonus play against some friends and make an agreement to not use FADCs
I swear USF4 is actually better without it, this will also force you to use legit footsies and you’ll have to commit to moves or be punished hard.