Need SOCD CLeaner for Madcatz TE


hey guys,

i need your help! first of all i want to explain what happened. i bought a madcatz te like a year ago and played, trained and stuff. felt good, but never got as used to it as i had wished. so one day i saw a hitbox video on youtube and thought like well, maybe this can help. after that, i played a bit with keyboard instead of the arcade stick. it was so good, everything felt much better than with the arcade stick and i thought this would be better for me. so i decided to mod my madcatz te into a hitbox.

first of all, i want to show you guys what it is looking right now:

<img src=“” />

so what i did was, i orderer a dual strike from they say this thing could do socd cleaning. so yes i thoguht it was true. as i have to say now, it is not. i made the mod as they have a tutorial on the page. everything was fine. took some time, didnt rushed something and made it as good as possible. as i connected the dual strike, it wasnt recognized from pc and stuff. i emailed them, and they told me to update firmware etc pp…some more emails later they said it would be broken in some way and they will replace it. like 2 weeks later i got my package pack and a nasty email that they did updated it, it was totally fine and they are so nice because i should have payed for the resent of the package and stuff…just stupid and very bad customer support…

so the question is, i got this thing to get recognized on my pc. i have to say this is a xbox360 version te stick. i just installed the dual strike because i need the socd cleaning, therefore there are all the collored cables in there. so how can i get some socd cleaning in there? i would be totally fine if i could get the mod out of that thing again and only get something for socd cleaning in there. on godlike controlls i found some socd cleaner for just 7$. would it be possible to just replace the bottom right thing where all the buttons are connected with this socd cleaner? and get the rest of the mod out again?

as it stand now, it is working but there is no socd cleaning, thats all. and before i installed it, it was a 360 controller, so my pc had much easier time recognizing it without the dual strike in there…

thanks for reading and hopefully someone can help me here!!


SOCD cleaner.

Everything you should need to know: SOCD Cleaner Kit Now Available

I’ve had a lot of issues with the Dual Strike boards as well, albeit different ones.

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