Need sol gunflame in animation sprite please!


i really need this sprite can some one tell me where can i get it or rip it for me? if posible the animation with the gunflame proyectile

thanx in advance :smiley:


lol keep trying you just might get it.



check here


Whoa, Zazz is not going to like this. :s

Try here, these aren’t stolen:

Give credit to Zazzarius.


<3 VX :o


thanx a lot you guyz !! i couldn’t get the one i was looking for but i figure it’s too much too ask however i found a funny one i liked

even better thanx too all again !!:smiley: those sprites were good by the way Zazzarius(love the fuck off sprite:cool: )




thanx i was going to send that one to tonbarry but thanx H.K.


lol, it’s cool… i wasn’t planning on making an av… i was just giving u a sprite… haha