Need some advanced help for HHS, I guess? [I made a video for this thread 8)]



Hey guys,
Played honda for a few weeks now. Stuck at the hands thing, though. I can’t seem to find an identical situation to mine in another thread, though. I have watched the tutorials.
Recorded a little video just then to show you my issue rather than just describing it.

I’m on a PS3 MadCatz TE SF4 fightstick if that makes any difference.

Would love some help from someone who might have had this issue previously.


ps. I want to piano instead of slide because my fingers are not a fan of the slide.


Hmm, I had the issue before, but unfortunatelly the only advise I can give you is - practice more. Try to find a certain “rhythm” with pianoing Hands - try different speeds, faster, slower, until you find that rhythm.
Don’t get discouraged, it took me a while until I got hands down. With practice you will finally be able to pull hands. I wish I could be of more help, but this is all I have. Maybe others can help you more…


So there’s a specific speed required? it’s not just the fastest you can go?


You probably have a disconnect between the first punch and the second that is too long for the entire input to count as one ie: instead of 5 p’s you are getting 1p then 4p’s. Make sure when you just start doing hands you press firmly and have a consistent amount of time between each input. If you can do that then incrementally increase your speed after you do a set at the same rhythm about five times in row. Continue at this pace until you get to point where you feel your accuracy is sloppy then revert back to a slower pace. After 5 days of consecutive of practice everyday for most likely around 1hr a day on just hands you should be able to do it enough so that you can start seeing yourself use it in match plausibly. What’s most important is just practicing consecutively for multiple days giving your fingers muscle memory through rest and repetition. This can’t be mastered in one day. It just can’t. Most people cant do it because they don’t have the attention span to go do something on a daily basis that they are bad at. Good luck, post up five days after you’ve started and do it maybe a hundred times in a row, if you hit around 60-70percent that should be all you need.


You should piano all the time. Not only on your stick but off it as well. When you are sitting at work or class, while you are watching tv, having a drink with your mates… Never stop tapping! It can annoy the shit out of the people around you, but what do you care, you play Honda!


try my way LP MP LP MP HP


UPDATE: Got it, guys. Took ages. I still get it, like, every 1 in 20 times but I get how to do it now. If I had any advice for someone who haves the same problem as I did, try sort of bouncing your fingers off the buttons. I think perhaps if you let your finger rest a millisecond long on any of the buttons it doesn’t realise that you input 5 punches, despite it telling you in training mode that you did.

Kudos to sweatyshoulderguy, definitely used that to figure it out.


Thx, yeah man I have beentl teaching this shit for a few years now and that seems to be the most consistent way to get people to learn it.


How I do EX HHS:

How I do MP HHS:
LP (index) HP (middle) MP (index) HP (middle) MP (index)

need to practice these though, best ways i can think of so far to get 100% consistent


Did slide at first didn’t work for me and was pretty inconsistent. At first I truly didn’t even understand how to do hands. J F M J F is what you need to memorize. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve missed a hands combo. Probably 2 years ago maybe, if that.

It’s practice over and over… stop turn the system off, do something else. Come back, practice again. Believe me it’s a rhythm once you have it you never forget. I watched onedeadamerican video on YouTube just to understand the basics.


u can use both hands to do the hhs