Need some advice about team strategy

So, I’ve just recently been getting into mvc2 with some friends and I am having some trouble with cable… first off The team I play is storm/doom/capcom Ive gotten good enough with storm that I can tri-jump (kinda) and do her lighting attack into lighting storm combos and Ive gotten some decent dom combos down as well. However Im having alot of trouble getting in on my friends cable (team scrub) he likes to normal jump while calling assists and shooting shit it really throws me off my game because I"m trying to tri jump in and he just jumps over it and I get hit with capcom to my dome. So I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to deal with cable how do I combo him when hes playing keep away with random normal jumps… the best i could think to do is rush in and super jump into a lighting attack into lighting storm when hes jumping around but there has to be a better way to deal with getting in… I guess i just don’t know how to tri-jump in on a jumping target.

Hmm… the only thing I can think of is to get down his pattern cause it seems that he’s just doing the typical “jump back, shoot and call assist” method, n00bs usually do this a lot. You didn’t mention him using the grenade so tri-jumping around him should cross him up really good. I’d try and stay on top of him as much as possible, Cable can only do so much without an assist and meter.

superjump dash up and throw vertical typoons you can still do lighting attack into lighting stormthis way … and you will build so much meter …this will force him do play your game …

turn your “kinda” tri jumps into actual tri jumps to begin with…

If it’s the normal jump back while mashing on mando that’s giving you fits… u can do a couple things… example… ur storm…

You dash or trijump in and BLOCK (you fucking know he’ll mash mando… so if your initial hit doesn’t start a combo… mashing dem buttons gets you hit. So… block mando then u have options. U can normal jump fwd and instant air throw… what’s cable gonna do? He wants to jump back but will get snagged… Staying on the ground is his only help there… but that will play into your hands. Instead of air throwing sometimes… keep in mind u just blocked mando and he normal jumped back to do something… since he gets only 1 action during normal jump… he can’t block. dash or wave dash fwd and launch him b4 he lands.

Play games with his shit. Since u know he’s mashing mando… if u have him in a blockstring or even a combo… let it up a moment so mando has time to come in… but precall an assist the beats him like an invulnerable AAA. Now he’s sailing and can’t be recalled for even longer. At this point he has little to no defense against you… except your lack of knowledge.

Normal jumping back is HORRIBLY unsafe for many reasons… not just these two simple examples (the n.jump airthrow and the dash -> launch.

Also freebaits… normally cable (particularly bad ones) think that all they can do is ahvb your assists. So they wait for it… and react to it hardbody. Sometime countercall his mando with your assist… then sj. and air dash in a manner where cable must choose between shooting at the assist and defending vs u. his constant need to react to everything with ahbv gets his ass nailed here. If he DOESN’T ever ahvb in that situation… then u will know u can freely counter call his mando… just exploit that til mando is nonfactor(dead)… AND that you can create free pins and 50/50s on him all day b/c he isn’t willing to let it fly unless he KNOWS it will hit. Don’t ever let him know.

try also building meter with storm, cable user may want to go a bit aggressive on you and as long as he doesnt have more than 2 meters don’t be too scared of him.

remember that there is only one block per normal jump too…so if youre ast enough you can dash forward past commando, sjxxlightning attack, hell block, lightning storm, he unblocks and is in normal jump state, gets hit by lightning storm.

it might not be as safe as the stuff other people said in this thread though. also, if he like to normal jump back and do fierce viper, just wait until the viper is done, then AHVB. youll hit him before he hits the ground

Wave dashing under Cables, even from fullscreen can be effective when he’s either doing jump upback FP or sj Grenades, especially if he’s already called assist and is buying time to re-call another one.

Some characters can do amazing things with a fullscreen wave dash when you double down and just go for it. Psylocke can actually wave dash through his standing FP gun with the down cancels lining up with the shots. Funny shit.

I think someone posted a vid awhile back of psy doing that and added to it… it showed that you can do her slide xx dp (if it hits) xx super… b/c the wave dashes are so low… the comes out close enough that any form of his projectiles including ahvb will whiff… her dp is invulnerable til her gets to the top so you can even hit him strait outta ahvb… can’t remember where I saw that vid tho…

Magnetro’s shenanigans vid IIRC.