Need some advice completing my team

Im just getting back into CvS2 after a very long departure.


I’m thinking of using one of the following

with the first slot filled by any one of the following:

Which character should I use to complete it and which groove is best. P, K, or S for this team. I don’t do Roll Grooves.

k is the best beginner groove. it gets harder to win vs rc’ers though. p is just annoying because it makes your opponent play completely different. if you can master it, you’re elite imo. i guess you play 3s so parrying shouldn’t be a problem (in theory).

as for the first character, i’d pick yama. roundhouse people in the face all day and jd till you have meter and kill. fairly easy character to pick up with a bnb that does crazy damage and stun.

I don’t know about K being the best beginner groove. Sure you are almost guaranteed a super before dying, but a lot of people die because of that. They assume that they will live long enough to do so. K groove is better than P in the sense that you recover a little bit of HP with the Just Defend, where as P groove, there is little time to actually counter[nothing like 3rd strike in the sense of number frames given to counter or to time the parry]. I would recommend K groove if you are used to 3rd strike simply because the timing is almost the same for that and the just defend. As far as characters, use Guile for your 3rd character[or Sagat]. Guile when used properly is almost impossible to beat. There are just so many traps[like being able to charge back yet walk forward with short and then using forward to counter hit].

k or p guile aren’t that great.

Yamazaki or Guile… P and K groove are both good grooves. Yamazaki and Guile would probably fit in better in P groove. Blanka and Balrog/Bison(boxer) works well in both so. I would just suggest switching out Balrog/Bison he is not a very bad character but has VERY horrible matchups, especially so if you don’t have roll…

pick athena or honda and go with s. K or P isn’t one of bisons better grooves and s is his third or fourth best. Alot of people are unfimiliar with s as well, and that always helps. K,P,or S are not good beginner teams btw, If I were you i’d consider picking C.

if you want to play p competetively, you need characters that can really capitalize off a parry. guile can’t. and k guile is lacking. no roll or rc sonic boom. he’s severely weakened. why bother?

i don’t know why people are suggesting you play guile considering your grooves. it’s not like you can’t win or anything, but you’ll have to play 10 times harder than you’d have to. again, pick what you want to have fun with, but prepare to get frustrated.

I’m not an expert or anything but I’m pretty sure Blanka and Bison(Boxer) are way better charcters when they can roll. Same goes for Guile. If you want to use a non rolling grove you should pick characters who don’t benefit much from rolling around or have crappy rolls to begin with so that you won’t feel your missing much.

The majority of the strat your going to hear and read and see with these characters will be roll heavy your just making this game way harder than it has to be by picking roll reliant characters in non roll grooves.

That team sucks. Mainly because Balrog sucks. Guile isn’t great at all in any non roll groove… K Kim is pretty good, Raiden definately is lame and gay looking but K might be his best groove, no one plays him so no one really knows. PKS Athena is very meh. K Yamazaki is dope. Geif sucks IMO but RC helps him ouy alot. In K You get low jump and JD SPD, so its not all bad in K. Honda really needs roll… K is probably the best non roll Honda. K Blanka is hella good, but please do yourself a favor and don’t play Balrog. Also don’t use Japanese names, it’s pointlessly confusing, and Otakuish.