Need some advice, LED's inside of a TE

Could someone help me out? I need to know what I need and where to solder at on the inside of a fightstick TE to have some backlighting for a clear plexi replacement panel, I’ll be getting some replacement panels from Art and I would really like to put LED’s inside of my case to give it a nice glow.

If any of you could let me know what I should do to accomplish this It would be greatly appreciated. I’m assuming I’ll need resistors etc? I’m pretty new to soldering and haven’t done an LED mod yet but I’m ok at soldering so far :slight_smile:

theres a thread for this… go into the …!)

actually the only one I seen in there was one about making buttons light up upon being pressed, I’m looking for a way to just have LED’s come on when the entire controller gets power.

thats also talked about within the thread

I’ve been looking, and I cannot find the info I need… If I was to put lets say… 4 LED’s inside of my case, one in each corner… What kind of resistors would I need and could someone please take a picture of the PCB inside the TE and show me where I should solder for the power and ground for the LED’s?

can anyone help me out please?

It depends on what you have.

all I want to do is put 1 LED in each corner of my TE, I’d most likely be using 5mm LED’s and wireing them to the TE’s PCB for power… I just need to knwo what kind of resistors and where on the pcb should I solder for power and ground??

I said it depends on what you have.

For the Power from TE PCB, then use the USB.
It is red wire.

Ground is black wire.

Go on ebay and look up 3mm LEDs. They usually have some specifications. You will need those numbers to figure out the proper resistor to be attached to the anode of the LED.