Need some advice on a point character


Alright, so we all have UMVC3 and it’s pretty awesome yeah yeah. I’m having troubles picking a point charcter for my team. I have tried playing Nova/Wesker/Hawkeye. That seemed to be alright, but I was really inconsistant with Nova. I’m also doubting the setup of my team. If I should move Hawkeye on point or Wesker… I know people will just say “pick a character you like”, and I’ve been doing that, I played Nova/Spiderman and even Ryu on point and I just really don’t know who to stick with… So based on my team, any suggestions?


You don’t have to cement your team order, keep it fluid and don’t get locked in. Min-maxing doesn’t really work in fighting games, because so much is based on individual style and preference, so don’t worry about setting anything in stone, unless it comes naturally to you over time.