Need some advice on how far I should go with this game

For over a year now, I’ve been training to become the best in 3s. But a month ago I was discouraged to countinue because the cons seem to outweigh the pros of getting better. I actually thought I would stop 3s after yesterday’s tourney (fusion) but unexpectantly I had a lot of fun because I actually put up a really good fight for the first time in a tourney.

But anyway, I live in south east Virginia, where there’s only two good 3s players (iceman and fireballtrap) and they really don’t play the game lol. So the only time I actually enjoy this game is when I go to tournaments… so I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth it. And if traveling to tourneys weren’t so expensive, I wouldn’t have second thoughts.

Also, during that month of no 3s, I started playing a lot of other games and I came to the conclusion that 3s isn’t my favorite game by far… yet I know so much about it. So playing guilty gear xx/ cassuals >>>> 3s practice (not that I don’t pratice ggxx as well).

Has anyone been in this situation and actually made it? If I can get to the point where I make money to atleast pay for some of my trip, I think that’l make it all worth it. So should I keep going? or I just be a cassual gamer?

Either way you can’t go wrong. I mean…if you really think competitive fighting gaming won’t be your thing in the long run then don’t force yourself into the issue. I mean, I always knew that I wanted to be a competitive fighter but it wasn’t until just recently (with the surge of tournaments in the MD/VA area) and with the also recent popularity of my favorite 2d fighting game (hmmm…which one could it be) that I decided that this is what I wanna do. With a POSSIBLE sponsorship to Evo 2k6 on the line for me I can’t back down now. I’m too far into it already (especially considering the character I use rarely ever gets mentioned in tournaments in the US) to back down or think about pursuing anything else.

Fighting games are my life for the most part and 3rd Strike is more than my favorite game. It’s a way of life for me. It sounds stupid as fuck but…that’s just the way it is. I’m that much into the game. Like when I close my eyes…I see Ibuki putting the TK SA1 on her victims and shit. It’s crazy. A lot of fighting gamers seem to like poker as well and I always thought poker was an interesting sport so I can learn two games for the price of…more than one game. LOL.

thanks yo, I really appreciate your advice. Right now I’m leaning more towards going for it, because I know praticing hardcore won’t be as fun as playing ggxx cassuals… but if I make it, and start earning enough money for more tourneys and travel, I think that I’ll be enjoying that more than anything…

But I’m still not sure because its a big commitment to make. Not only will it take a lot of time, but money as well (considering my location).

at some point you need to stop practicing shit gets boring quick just play and get better

who were you at fusion? I was the annoying chun-li/shitty Q. We probably had a conversation.

edit nevermind I figured it out by going to the roanoke thread.

all I gots to say is it was the stage man, can’t get elena get that shit.

I can’t exactly do that with out people to play, lol. Thats my problem, lack of compitition.

you’ll get used to it and go to the random gather but you’ll still be fine i play one other guy consistently i go to a gathering if i’m lucky once every 2 or 3 months the max people i play without leaving the city is 2 other guys yet i somehow get better i can’t explain it but i do, its like when you stop trying something for awhile go and you do it first try if you’re meant to get better you get better you can only practice so much

^Oh I see, thanks.

Yeah…that reminds me of Ultra David. He only really played 3S like once in a month but he was always able to place top 5 with Q at the local tournaments around my area. Of course he has experience from playing people in Cali but once you get a feel for the game…you can always come back and do damage. You can always come up with ways to improve/innovate your game without having to actually play. Once you get to a certain level of play you will know how the game works and how to visualize the strategies of a fight. Of course constant competition does help a lot but if you have a thing for playing the game you like to play…it’ll show in your tournament results.

I’m in exactly the same boat. There are two people local to me who play 3S and neither of them are very good. So the only way for me to play decent comp is travelling to London, which is about 2 hours away. It’s not that far in the grand scheme of things and some UK players travel much further than me to get to London on a regular basis (Respect +1 for Vince) but it’s just that I’m at that same divide, where I’m not really dedicated enough to be a tournament player, not casual enough to be happy with the lacklustre competition around here. I work hella as well, which doesn’t help.

But I think I’ll make it a habit to go to tourneys and stuff. If nothing else, it’s fun catching up with everyone. I think if you look at the tournaments you go to overall - chance for casuals, chance to socialise, blah blah blah - rather than 3S only, you might enjoy them more and might see them justifying the cost of travelling that way.

I understand what your saying a great deal cause sometimes that goes through my head as well. Mainly for that fact that I can’t get to majors enough to place my skills and when I get to one usally the time before the major. For some reason everyone dips out and I could never play anybody to practice so I’d take it upon myself to practice even though I didn’t like to. I’m way lazy, but I see it as an addiction, and plus I don’t like have stepping so over the yrs I learned to like training mode. I hit the gym hard when the PS2 fire up. I think we all play to get to the top and I think that’s one of the things it takes. You get perfect w/o the practice.

I mostly go to SVGL but not too much competition from what i’ve seen.
I think there’s more competition at MGL nowadays… with their 2 3s cabs and all… :frowning:

3s is not popular in norcal. you go to socal for the comp

Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it.

DJ: thats good to hear.

Mikee_showbiz: yeah, we definitly have similar situations. And I agree, going to tournaments should always be fun even if I don’t put up much of a fight.

50-fiftytrap: Yeah I learned to like training as well, but the problem came when I started playing guilty gear, lol. But I’m starting to realize, only doing guilty gear for cassual games won’t take me anywhere. And there’s a good possibility I won’t be able to get my ggxx skill level to my 3s level… I haven’t been playing ggxx long, but everything is moving so much slower.

Parryall: I actually would like to move somewhere else, but thats just not my best option right now.

But thanks to all the responses, I decided to keep going. I’ll keep praticing and try to travel more for compitition… and hopefully I’ll be placing at more tourneys :slight_smile:

I second Sabre. USA 3s capital is SoCal. CvS2, on the other hand, is big in NorCal.