Need some advice on Law



Everyone I face is so scared of ex fury fist that they constantly neutral over and over when I’m close to them. Its frustrating the hell outta me. How can I punish them? I’ve tried backflip but it isn’t reliable.

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What I tend do when people start neutral jumping is nj.rh or backdash then catch there landing frames with Junkyard Kick.

After you train them that they will be punished when they neutral jump they will tend to stop and try something else.

Also if all else fails… BLOCK. You never want to be to predictable with EX FFR because people that have fought Law will be looking for it


I’m learning this as of late - when I get desperate I end up wasting meter fishing for EX FFR. I’ll get happy sometimes while blocking pressure as well, thinking I’m going to get an EX FFR for free… then they jump and cross me up, lol.


I back dash when they start fishing for EX-FFR. b.MP~LK is -4 on block and not close enough to be punished by anything really, you can back dash again and keep your spacing good.

j.MP air to air is very good, you should only use his other normals when you have the aerial advantage to pressure. Otherwise, j.MP is fast and CH’s a lot midair, you can easily go for cheap c.HP xx DC Knuckle~Flight or c.HP xx Spinkicks TC! into more damage.