Need some advice on midscreen Zero game



Been trying to work a Zero/Vergil/Ammy team here and I can’t get any combos to carry across screen using any of Vergil or Ammy’s assist and I know it can be done I just can’t figure out how. Anyone give me some tips here or maybe even suggest a way to use Zero’s assist with Vergil?


I don’t use Vergil, but I’ve seen many Zero players use Rapid Slash after an OTG Sentsuizan to carry to the corner. I’m art work so I can’t look for the vids right now, but search for vids of Flocker, he uses it a lot.

Personally, I prefer solo Zero corner carries as they allow you to be diverse with team composition, but since it seems you have your team set, using Rapid Slash is a natural choice.


I don’t want to be rude, but just want to make a point for the last time…

Also this goes in the combo thread, thank you very much.


I know that if I start a combo w/ a charged buster I can buster cancel the H lightning and then catch him on the ground but that is ONLY if I catch them w/ a charged buster and not if I use it to cancel some lightning so I can start a combo.

So yes Zero can carry by himself but I want to find some Ammy or Vergil assists that allowed me to do this without a pre-charged buster. Besides I would just enjoy some mix up on my Zero combos and not doing the same exact thing every time.

Something wrong with my team BTW? I originally tried Zero/Dante/Doom and Zero/Dante/Ammy but their THC kinda sucked, I’m essentially depending on Zero or Vergil to do my damage and using Ammy for meter use with Okami Shuffle and Slow. She DHCs perfectly with both(probably anyone in the game) and the THC from Zero or Vergil is great because they continue their combo’s after. I’m trying to use the Cold Star assist because it I can use it well for incoming character mix-ups with both character’s. I’m kinda beat on the whole Zero/Dante/Vergil even though that team is ridiculous and even though I might be literally the worst Ammy player ever ATM I think there is good potential to be found here. I’m not exactly completely opposed to switching out Vergil but he and Zero do work great together.


make posts in their respective threads and you’ll get answers.


Also I’m trying to pin down Zero’s best assist for the team so I was thinking about putting this in team building thread but it’s a conglomerate so I just put it down here.
@ Kef: You could just try to help me out instead of typing big capital letters about something I already know.

@MasaBlade: Or I could do that have no one respond like usual(not in this area specifically, at least here I learned to look for some Flocker combos.

Besides what the problem about posting Zero questions in the Zero thread. I don’t have any helpful information to add to the Combo and thread the thing is a jumble disorganized info. It would be best to keep the combo thread to developing combos and sharing them than people aking random Zero combo questions.


okay i’ll be the nice guy for once. as soon as you land call vergil jump forward and do h sentsuizan, when you land command dash forward and relaunch. zero dante doom (missiles) is legit, so is zero dante ammy but im not a fan of ammy anchor OR dante with cold star so i wouldnt run it. you could also try zero dante magneto. THC synergy is the last thing you should be looking for in a team. personally i run zero/dante/vergil and its probably zero’s best, rivaling zero/dante/sentinel.

case in point: you need jam session to play zero at 100%, anything else is extra and should benefit dante, rapid slash just happens to help zero and dante, same with drones, disruptor, etc.


Well, he didn’t tell you something you already knew, because Zero doesn’t need a charged buster to corner carry without an assist. He doesn’t need to start with a charge at all actually, its a combo worth learning too so you can actually use your assists for mixups/real combo extensions for extra damage too.

Theres both a combo and team thread here for a reason and you could have utilized both, or with a little research, saved yourself a lot of time because the Zero board is probably the most informative board out of all the characters.

But whatever, you got your answer


Ahh. Thank for that bit of info there Masa.

Going to have to personally stay away from the Dante thing. I want to go explore some new waters even though I understand how near essential Jam Session is but then I get sucked back into the whole Zero/Dante/Vergil because of those ridiculous swords and I’ve seen it played alot(for good reason). I would personally love to avoid Doom, Wesker, Dante, Strider or Sent but that doesn’t leave much of a helpful cast I guess.


try akuma or hawkeye a la flocker, hell even ironman

also an fyi: the zero board is without a doubt the best character related board on srk.
the combo thread is well done, everything you need is in the first post and you can ask a question or use search if you need a little more help. like i said, zero board is the best board and we’re always willing to help IF you follow the rules and post in the right threads. there’s also a dope team thread with all the best zero technicians and a Q&A thread if you wanted to ask all those questions real quick in one go. its better to bump threads we already have then throw them down with a new one that will be inactive in like 2 hours


Thanks again Masa, I’ll check me out some Flocker.

@TenguEgg : Once someone could direct me toward this info instead of being an ass. There is a crap ton of Zero combo pages and the only Corner to Corner carry I see says you need a charged buster so sorry for not being a Zero god and not having read all 716 posts in the thread.
Seriously how does that help anything. You could just say here ya go, I know what you’re talking about, I’ll help ya out some though next time make sure…


Is it really necessary for us to direct you to the information when its right in front of you? Theres no need to be so defensive and insist that everyone is an ass. The information is simply there, but okay sure, i’ll spoonfeed you the information.

There, the combo thread, in the very intro it states that the jump loop corner carries. No need to flip through 716 posts.

Seriously, all we’re saying is post in the respective threads.


Well I’m done after this and I’ll post in respective places after, n sorry and all.

And thanks alot Tengu But once again that combo isn’t going to be able to be confirmed from a midscreen lightning or buster hit. It requires too many reps of lmh to push people back and personally I can’t depend on getting them off a air lightning buster or an assist confirm. The other combo that carries corner to corner needs a charged blaster and is the only one that would really be usable and only from an assist confirm and not a blaster or lightning. I’m trying to figure in as if I m lightning xx buster, L lightning, H, S, sj… as my starter or something along those lines.

I was trying to look for a practical corner carry off a xx buster, L lightning near mid screen with the use of my assists and maybe a suggestion of my Zero assist for my characters but thanks for still not helping.


What are you even talking about? The jump loop doesn’t require multiple reps of LMH at all.

Also, you’re welcome.



at .42 is where it is shown his known corner carry combo…he starts with no charge and begins charging after the low is thrown out so there isnt even a charge switch involved in the combo