Need some advice on which NeoGeo game to buy

hey whats up…

I have an arcade cabinent I am currently repairing and I am looking to pop a neo geo game inside of it. I really like the Samurai Showdown series but I dont know which one is the best and the same for KOF.

any suggestions? Is Samurai Showdown 4 a solid game?

SS2 and SS4 are concidered the best. I’d go KoF02, but thats just me.

Bust a Move, Metal Slug X, Garou, SS2, and Kof 2k are my personal favorites.

OK cool, I have my eye on SS 4 I jsut didnt know if it was way broken or what since I only played it a couple times. Metal Slug looks cool as well…hmm…

Also, side question here, what are the tiers for SamSho4?{10.24.2005}[02]{SSIV}_Vansibel(Kazuki_B_S_Haohmaru_S)_Vs_Slash(G aira_S).wmv

i dont know if that still works. i say ss2 is better! :cool:

anyway fatalfury Realbout1,MOTW,kof95,98,01,02,03,lastblade2,and world heros1

Um, what about Samsho 5 Special?

Yeah…I thought the Japanese like SS5SP more than 4…o maybe I’m crazy.:pleased:

i think theres like 2000carts of SSVsp out there and they are pricey as fuck but yeah thats better then ss4. goodluck getting it! =x

Kinda going side topic here, but what type of neo geo cab do you have, haunts?

well, right now its just the monitor and joysticks. I have to get the monitor repaired. it used ot be a vampire savior cab.

ss4,garou,last blade 2, kof2k2 imo

Do you know what type of cabinet it is tho, like is it the standard neo geo Dynamo cabinet, or is it a conversion?

I have no idea. I mean it was a capcom cabinent but now it has nothing in it. I mean, pretty standard, 19 inch monitor and joysticks.

Why? Do you have ot have a neo geo cab to play the games? I thought u jsut had to have the mobo and game.

No, you’re right…you can slap any game board in any cabinet, as long as they are both jamma (which all neo geo, capcom, and anything post-1987ish is). I’m just asking out of my own curiosity, and because I have a Dynamo neo geo cab for which I’ve (unsuccessfully) ben searching for parts. I was just curious, since you were doing a restore, if this was the cab type you had, if you had found any sources for replacement parts.

SS2 and KoF98

There is a lot of junk on ebay. have u checked there?

I dunno if the joysticks work but I have some homemade sticks with p360’s ill probably slap in there instead…

I actually know a friend who’s been kind of desperate to get rid of an arcade cabinet, and he might be willing to sell the game board seperately. He has SS2 and Garou, PM if you interested.

Yeah…my main concern right now is actually a replacement control panel. I got a 6-button panel on ebay, which was supposed to be for my cabinet, but turned out to be too small. :sad: Meh…I’ll stop jacking this thread. Good luck with your setup. Do you already have the neo geo mainboard? If not, be prepared for a 1-slot to be at least $70-$80, not including game. Game carts are relatively cheap, but as I have had no luck with the control panel, I’ve started considering running a neo geo game, and those mainboards are not cheap.

no need to apologize, this is interetsing

i am prepared to spend a good 300 on this anyway so ive already priced some stuff out. ideally id like to get the mainboard and SS2 or 4 for around 150-200.

any good/reliable places besides ebay online to buy the mobo and games? i heard is kinda shady…

I know they’re pricey. While I can’t personally attest to their shadiness or lack thereof, you do have to do a wire transfer, money order, or other non-online ordering method. The only other non-ebay source that I know of that definitely services the states is A buddy of mine bought High Impact football from them a couple years ago, and while it was pricey, the transaction went smoothly. Their neo geo selection is minimal, tho. I would stick with ebay for game boards/carts.