Need Some Advice

Hi everyone, I main Yun (probably shouldnt say this haha), because of this when I choose another character (subs, etc) I find myself lost, it seems that Yun changed my playstyle to 100% rushdown which with 90% of the cast that doesnt work, so I want to get back to basics.

Basically I want to use Fei Long for a while, not to main him (or if I like the character why not?) but because I think Fei is a really good, fun and in my opinion is an awesome fundamentals kind of character (you need really good zoning, poking,spacing) which I think Is what I need to get better at this game) but I find myself struggling, doing rekkas way too much, jumping way too much and focus attacking way too much.

So could you guys give me the most advice you can to playing fei? ANYTHING will be much appreciated.

P.S: Sorry if this belongs in the Q&A section but I really didnt know If I should have created a thread or post this in that Q&A thread

Feilong in my opinion has the best metagame. Just by walking you can threaten an opponent, since rekka’s have an awesome range. The thing people will challenge you when you walk forward is your AA. Thats important since you want to fight your opponent on the ground (where you can dominate). Secondly, hit-corfirming rekka’s is key. My personal trainer Dr. Sagat is really good. Put him on the hardest setting in your training room and fight him, he has god-like reactions and is very good at punishing.

Once you get this down work or your ground game (safe-jumps, meaty attacks, option-selects, block-strings). If your watching a pro player don’t just copy his style but ask your self why did he do such a move, what was his reasoning? practice your combos on both sides :slight_smile:

ps - If your replying, please quote and use the Q/A thread. Good luck, fei ftw.