Need some Advice

just got done my fight stick and the start and guide dnt work, should i try different wires or just try to resolder

did both and still not workin

Too little info to go on.

What fight stick?
What Console?
What PCB your using?
How is your start and guide wired up?

Also if you have to add new info and no one else reply on your thread yet, use the edit feature and not bump your thread, that practice is looked down around here.

Do you have a multi-meter or other way of testing continuity?
Also taking clear and in focus photos of your wiring and posting the images here will help

Sry bout the double post, im using a custom stick, and its the paewong Pcb, i have start by itself, and my turbo and select are together on 1 button, and guide is by itself and no i dnt have any Multimeter