need some advice......

I’m working on this for a friend. This is her FFXI character, Aayne and she’s fighting a dancing weapon. Can anyone give me some advice on what I can do to make this look better. Thanks.

Lets see…

it sucks start over. Now, is it sarcasm or am I telling the truth:confused: …

but seriously though

I dont know what to tell you. I not very good with action/vs. poses. You know I didnt get any work done yesterday. Prespective was kicking my ass.

Is sword supposed to be hitting the monster?

If so have the sword thrust a downstroke. She loooks kinda frozen. And also have the monster reling a bit from the attack. Have a motion blur on the sword by adding some speed lines.

As for the sword try having a shadow of it on the ground plane. That way it’ll look like it’s floating rather than lying on the ground.

Oh yea and this is a crazy idea. But when she strikes putting the hit points in red in a computerry type font would look cool.

Other than that everything in this picture is fine.

I hope these comments have helpt.:slight_smile:

It needs more feeling, it looks sorta still in some ways. Provide more detail on the hands, maybe on the swords shadowing a bit more, and her overall balance.

Great Picture Overall!!:smiley:

Is the sword supposed to be hitting the monster, if so draw the after effect of the sword hitting. You will rarely ever see a hit make contact in drawing because the after effect is alway more dramatic.
One last note try to use a perspective where you can see so of the hero’s face.

yeah… I rushed it

origanally she was going to be blocking the sword attack. I am adding in the BG, just wanted to get the characters right first. Thanks for the help! Esp. CaptMunta. And Deon… you are a complete failure when it comes to sarcacim. :stuck_out_tongue: Heheh… yeah still struggling with perspective myself.