Need some advise on what to do after scoring a Knockdown

Might sound silly, but I usually find myself not sure what to do next, after succeeded in knocking down from footsies against opponents.

Is there like a safe decision in approaching to knocked down opponent?
My timing for throw sucks, still trying to get the timing right. My throws whiff sometime and got counter thrown or wake up DP.

Depends on what character you are playing and what character you are playing against.
General advice would be to keep pressure with fireballs (if you play shoto) , throw/sweep mixup , or go for alot of meaty attacks if you see that
you are playing against someone not very good at reversals.

Only “safe” option I would say is not to do anything =)

Street fighter is generally rock, paper scissors, especially after knockdown. I havent had time to play SF V much, so im not sure about priorities, invincible frames etc.
But meaties should be pretty safe, but then you probably need hard knockdown.

General tips, would be to either jump and cross up (if you have the right range). Low normals (preferably a combo string that starts with low and can be confirmed into a special). Overhead. Meaty. Throw. Or just do nothing and try to punish that wake up DP =)

You can also youtube Gootecks, he has a pretty good tutorial which is very basic but he explains the whole rock, scissor papers thing very good =)

Hmm do you know if meatys can beat reversals in this game? Havent had any time to test stuff like that.

training mode is very good for this. you can set the cpu opponent to do any inputs you want after a knockdown.

speaking of knockdowns, what are the exact inputs for:
quick getup:


quick rise is 2 :P: or down on the dpad. Back rise is 2:k: or back on the dpad.


And what is the difference between the two ?

Difference is QR is you get up in place (20f from the moment you tech), and BR puts you further form your opponent (but also closer to the corner AND you get up 5f slower)

What you should really do it is to note what your opponent does.
If he does two DPs in a row, he surelly will do again so you must respect him and punish.
If he jabs, time for meating heavy into cross counter combo.
People have patterns and usually the first thing they do in wake up, it is repeated later.

Depending of the match up you can also do stuff bindly like a cross up jump if he have no good anti-air or a meating if he have no good reversal or just stand just outside grab distance taunting him into reversal. Just don’t do something really stupid like trying a jump in half an hour before he wakes up, unless you can time or alter it to bait a DP…

Thanks for the advise guys. Sorry meant to post this at newbie forum, must have miss clicked. I guess sometimes I think too much on the available options while approaching. So my best bet will be to score a meaty or predict base on past actions?

yes, one of the things that separates the experienced player from the beginner is to see which kind of archetype your enemy is and change your behaviour accordingly. of course if the other player is also experienced he might try to mislead you by doing predictable patterns on purpose only to switch it up in the right moment.

Like the others said you need to read your opponent, do they quick stand, or not quick stand do they shoryuken or equivalent after every knock down etc. Play off there game and counter it