Need Some Assistance With Certain Characters/Combinations

My main team is Wolverine (Berserker Barrage), Trish (Low Voltage), and Deadpool (Quick Work.)

I’ve been having this issue with these Taskmaster/Sentinel combinations. Basically, Taskmaster performs a Spider Swing and Sentinel does his Rocket Fist assist. I’m not quite sure how to break out of this, or how to punish it. It seems like it takes up the entire screen.

The other issue is Doctor Doom’s rocket assist. It always gets me, but I am never sure how. The damn things are seeking, and always hit me no matter how I block. Its almost like you have to dodge them completely or eat them all.

Does anyone have any pointers on these issues for me?

These seem like excellent questions for the Strategy thread. Try taking your questions there. :slight_smile: