Need some close quarters Gouken punishments



Hey gents, was hoping I could get some advice from y’all regarding Gouken. I been alting him for a while now, and I really dig his style and his mindgames. He’s definitely got alot going for him, and there’s nothing sexier than countering someone out of their ultra. The problem I am having is after someone jumps in on me mostly, or if I palm strike.

Basically, when my Gouken is in melee range of the opponent, I don’t know what to do with him. Normally I just back away, because I’m not sure what to do. What I could use are some relatively easy two or three hit combos for him. Relatively easy because I use an x360 controller, and I’m not able to do much advanced stuff with it because of how often I get input error. Also, I’m not great with links yet. I have trouble keeping the timing right when I’m in the fight, still too green I think.

I just need one or two simple yet effective combos that I can hit people with when they get close, just so they won’t advance so hard when I try to get back to my comfort zone, a screen away. So if I could get some tips from you fellow Gouken folks of which combos are the most effective with the least amount of input, I’d completely appreciate it. Thanks muchos gentlemen.


quick and easy

your max range: (long and unpuhishable kick, stops a lot of things)

medium:, lp fireball

if in jab range: c.lp, s.lp, s.lp, and you can continue with, lp fireball

if you jumped in or you are really close: c.hp xx demon flip mixup if you block or c.hp xx ex palm if you jumped in with hk or hp and hit him


Thanks much, bub. I appreciate the tips. I’ve never been real good at canceling with different button strengths, just because I don’t have a finger for each button, just one thumb. I’ll practice some more though.

Oh, and is that, lp fireball a link, or a cancel? Thanks again man.


ElMoucho, question.

For c.LP, s.LP, s.LP, s.LK and then cr.MP --> LP Fireball

Is that thing actually one combo (1-frame link connecting the s.LK to the cr.MP) or is there a brief delay in between those two attacks in which someone can possibly reversal Shoryuken out or even beat it by spamming a fast normal (E.g. Balrog’s cr.LP)? It looks handy, but I’m curious as to consistently effective it is against people because you know how Gouken is with his normal links… Thanks!


It’s not a combo, but it’s a very tight string. is +3 on hit, and is a 5-frame move.

You should punish shoryus and the like with cr.fp xx EX Palm -> HP Palm. The harder version that does more damage is EX Palm -> Dash -> HK Hurricane Kick.

You can poke people with cr.fp xx lp hado. It combos on hit and pushes the opponent back. However, has better range.


Thanks again for more info, folks, I’m definitely keeping up with this thread to learn as much as possible. I was playing some champ mode earlier today, and just tearing it up with Gouken. Even won a few finals! Got some hatemail too! I must be doing alright. :slight_smile:


Got it. Nevertheless, I’ll still practice this and make good use of it anyway. Thanks for the clarification


i find for whiffs and close punishment that cmpxxlp dashpunch works great.

cmp has a 5 frame startup and it hits low like a sweep so punishing someone’s srk as they come down is a little safer than standing hp.

this combo does 190 of damage, which is great. that is more than backthrow hk tatsu. and it comes out so quick.

you have to be carefull with the input though, since only lp dash links as a combo, if you hit the mp button twice or you get a negative edge input(1 input for pressing down and then 1 input for release) you will do cmpxxmp dash which wont connect as a combo. i have figured a way around this. you just hit mp and hold it, then tap lp at the end. this way mp will only count once and wont have to worry about release counting as a press.


I’ve actually come across that problem several times before. That’s a pretty smart solution. I’m going to have to remember to do that. Thanks for the tip!


yeah its a neat technique, its the opposite of “negative edge” you prevent the release counting as a press by holding down the first button.

this also works for all his other two in ones. including the crouching hp to lp fireball, really saves that hp fireball from coming out instead of the lp one.

also works on cmp to tatsu, although if you hit mp twice you dont throw anything.

the negative edge technique i find has worked wonders for my hpxxex palm, just start the forward input, hit two or three punches making sure that hp is the first that you hit, i tend to roll my fingers down onto the punch buttons starting with the hp side (ring finger) really fast, sort of like the kara throw ken does. then you release all three when you finish the motion, and wham-o you have your hpxxex palm by just hitting it once and not worrying about hitting the wrong punch button because your worried about the multiple buttons needed for EX. or only getting hp xx hp palm because you didnt hit enough buttons or timed close enough together. anytime you can do the same moves with less input, it makes your game smoother and calmer, both good things. so i just move stick forward roll my fingers down and hold, move down, down forward, then release buttons.


Why not just do cr.hp xx EX Palm? Cr.hp is a 6 frame move. It’s worth it to get the much better damage.


you can do chp, but cmp hits low like a sweep, and its a hair faster, giving you an edge to catch people that are just recovering from whiffs. its much easier to block a mid/high attack that is slower.