Need some comments/advices



I’ve playing Ibuki since almost 4 years, and I’m sure I still have a lot to learn/improve.
Sadly, I can’t play as much as I’d like, so it’s a little difficult for me raise my level.
Well, I went to a local ranbat and made it to quarter finals (Raped by a yang, and the ranbat before that, Yun kicked my ass… god, I hate the twins!).
So, the point is that I’d like critics/advices/comments 'bout my Ibuki.
As I said before, I know I have to improve a lot (Only a couple months ago I’ve started using s.forward XX qcb KK… yeah, I now know this is very important in Ibuki gameplay). And seeing my matches, I can see some flaws I need to remove.
In this link you’ll find some of my matches in the last ranbat (Mi nick is DRG, the only Ibuki here). Don’t expect a high level play (Although every in that ranbat normally have better level… that was a very strange day :looney:)
So, please, post comments to help my Ibuki get better :wgrin:



I’m new to Ibuki, but I’m a vet to 3S. The things I’ve seen that needs to be improved on was basic gameplay. Mix-ups, throws, and fients. I begin to read every move you did after the 2nd round with Dudley. Every cr.HP you did a SJC, and every combo you did on the ground you jumped away. It is why Ken connected with that SA2. Try a throw attempt after a combo to break their habit of guarding. What I love about Ibuk-buk the most is her ability to fient more moves than any other character. Playing those mind games is what she do best. Other than that, your Ibuki is good. I love how you excute everything seemlessly. You also have a good eye keeping your spacing and counters on point. Keep up the good work.


exellent setups and nice spacing. I really like your game in the air might take some inspiration from you. But somehow I suspect that you stayed in the air way too much. I would like to see more damage (mk qcb kk) and followups on wakeup in your game. Also way too much srk, if punished properly ibukis srk without SA1 is not worth it. Consider comboing from c.short instead of c.RH if you start getting punished at certain distances. I think your game lacks the most at close range you could utilize more parrytraps, tick trows etc.


I’d say that DRG’s ibuki is pretty good. I like the parry bait after the whiffed f+mk… you catch people with that shit all the time lol. Another parry bait that I think that you can use more is the one after the down towards mk… her slide thing. I catch people with that but I don’t know vs. people in Chile.

I also think that you could use some more mix up after the cl st. hk… instead of doing sjc into hp+mk air combo I would suggest doing the mk+command dash mix ups. Even though they can be risky at times if you have a good mix up game you can fool people into doing ex dp’s or you can even get people into relaunchers. Those are pretty fun.

I also noticed that after a blocked cl you sometimes miss the sjc after it and eat damage.

You also kind of threw away meter. The chip damage with the sa1 is pretty nice… but it’s not need to just randomly jump up and launch an sa1 in their face. It does barely any damage if you don’t mash the jab version… which is pretty much the only version you should use if you’re doing sa1 close to them. That meter would be better spent on ex kunai’s and ex blade kicks.

And watch out for the sjc’s after cr.hp and… after a while they get pretty predictable and even if you can air parry well… being in the air is not an exactly safe place to be especially when you tell the world you’re going in the air. You got lucky with that sa2 ken lol


hola po… las veces que he jugado contigo he encontrado que usay bien al personaje , pero he notado que haces 2 cosas que te pueden pejudicar…

1- nunca usas los tech para sacarte los agarres siempre pgas o haces algo (como ese shoryuken con patada ex) lo cual te hace super vulnerable aveces contra alguien que pegue a destiempos o espere el parry (mas encima como no agarras el weon puede ponerse bastante cerca para parrear)

2-pegas a la primera oportunidad entre la serie de ataques del oponente.
nose si lo vez o no pero casi siempre si se te deja un espacio entre los ataques tiras un poke (c.forward por ejemplo) lo cual regresamos a lo mismo te deja muy mal posicionado contra alguien que este esperando eso de ante mano…(que te deje una abertura intencional en la serie y te coloque un parry o un super )

bueno son cosas que yo veo de tu juego que podrias mejorar.sin que yo sepa ni una wea de ibuki.