Need some critiquing :o



Anybody wanna critique my Cammy for me? =/ tell me what I should work on and tell me what I shouldn’t being doing as Cammy and such .

2 Days ago matches

Today matches -_-


Less random cannon drills imo. Very punishable on block. Also keeping the pressure on (spacing, pokes, etc), there were times where I felt you could have locked down Cody, but you chose to back off a little. This allowed him to get back into the game. Exploit his limited wakeup options.

Don’t worry, everyone goes through that phase.


Would have liked 2 see how u handled fighting against some different character but ur Cammy seems pretty solid only thing i would add is that that Cody player was jumping in on u quite a bit and I dont think I saw u cannon spike or anti air at all.


Yeah true true sorry about that . Wasn’t thinking about that -.- but yeah ik thats one of the things I try to do but never do as much…deff need to work on that huh?


If you’re going to do EX Strikes on wake ups, try to do them as cross up and with JF, most ppl will just block or focus if they see you jumping vertically. Also, don’t poke with cr.HP on wake up, you’ll get counterhitted with jabs or shorts.




i see there a bright future for your cammy but when punishing try always going for the optimal punish,and i’d like to see some reactions on oponent jump ins…i mean ractions are in your genes,either mother nature gave them to you or not,but can also be practiced a little…and in my opinion its a waste going for the ex spiral arow against non firebal characters (i dont count codys rock as a fireball)…you should preserv the ex meter for ex canon strike presure and fadc-ing away if you drop a combo xD


never ever spiral arrow at the start of a match, always start with a backdash whiff normals bait or with a stand off to see what your opponent will do and counter appropriately with dp or a spiral arrow to escape a jump in if your not to good with handling mix-ups and things like that. also try a bit of cannon strike corner pressure when you get the chance to, and make sure to always force your opponent into the corner rapidly with quick rushdown and harsh mix-ups, frame traps, empty/safejumps and baits so that you can punish for big damage and high stun in a timely manner.