Need some dante/ team help

Hi everyone Im new here I just have a few questions and I want some help here if that’s ok with you guys.

Ok first off Im running dante/doom/vergil and my first question is this: Since I have no mid screen dhc what are some ways that I can always convert my dante combos to the corner…

it would be really helpful if someone could post a video of dante doing differnt corner carry combos with the assist extensions! Or at least point out some old videos! This seems to be my biggest issue with the team so far and I know doom infs are good and all but I wanted to know some forsure ways to make dante carry to the corner especially off an air s confirm. THANK YOU

The only reliable corner carries dante really has are gun loops or lvl 2 stinger bc teleport from my knowldege. The latter is a little less execution and its always an option even if you try the gun loop and your not confident you can hit all of it you can go into the stinger teleport.