Need some feedback

Me and my father were talking today about making our own arcade. And I needsome feedback from you guys if you would come to the arcade.

This is more directed to upstate new york and CT fighters, but we would love to make our arcade so good that people from the city, or even from other sates wanna come.

We live in a town called Lagrangeville. We are about 15 mins away from Poughkeepsie and 45 mins from Danbury CT.

We were looking to make it mostly a fighting game arcade, like chinatown arcade. But we would have to usuals like Time Crisis, maybe a ddr machine etc.

We were planning to research how to get something like this started, but I just wanted to know from the community if anyone would actually go to the arcade because I know there isnt an arcade around this place for miles and miles.

Thank you for your replys if you choose to give them.

location is one of the key factors. you gotta find a good location. then you gotta figure out what else yall want to offer( food, vending machines etc). and if theres enough of an community that would support your arcade. i mean i see ny as you location and the city has a pretty good scene so yeah you should ask ppl in the ctf, new england, and philly threads.

Seriously, location is everything, can’t emphasize this enough. Try to open it at a mall or something.

**Let’s not forget that one of the major factors of a location is transportation.

Coming from Astoria (NY), I’d wish I would have an arcade place closer to me- there’s no denying it. Instead, I’m forced to travel to Flushing AND Chinatown to find not only games but stiff competition. What does it cost me? Either 2.50 for an express trip from Flushing to Chinatown or an hour ride from my home to CTF- just about the same price.

I would not mind travelling to places such as Stamford, New Haven,Poughkeepsie,
or even to Newark. But, bear in mind it’s the availability for people to travel to and from the place itself…And, the cost afterwards…

Think about it for a moment: would you prefer to have people travel, pay that X.xx ticket out of state for cheaper prices in SF arcades, or make something local and charge that extra % to increase revenue due to yearly upkeep? Sure, it’s easier in CT and/or in NJ than NY due to our taxes (and the fact that inflation forces prices to grow in every department) and etc., but as long as you have a financial plan that stabilizes games to stay as a quarter or 2, and you create ideas to keep gamers coming, then you should have no problem.

It’s also logical to say that if you open an arcade somewhere, make sure it’s close to places where people can purchase refreshments, food, etc. so that way people recharge before they go back to the jungle and fight again. After all, you can never go wrong with too much caffeine if your win streak is higher than the quarters/tokens you have in your pockets.

Also, bear in mind that if you intend to purchase the ideal and optimal games to search up other arcades and see exactly what they have that sparks interest in gamers alike. Some people might like old school/new school/SNK/Melty Blood/GGXX/etc. games thick and thin, which is why Chinatown Fair has an incredible number of games in almost all areas.

Case in point: If you plan to create an arcade somewhere close to, say, a train station or, in Sergio’s case, a mall, then people would be happy to travel for the benefit as long as they’re cheap and available. Not to mention a reasonable location where people won’t have to complain about waiting for the train in the wee hours. But, NOT all the way to the Hamptons to play MVC2~!

Otherwise, the idea is sound, and if you intend to open one closer to, say for example, a train station, then I’m all ears. That way people won’t have to go far to find a good spot that’ll grow as a favorite.

Oh, and BTW, I learned some of this thanks to the managers that used to hold down both Playland Broadway Arcade back in the Big Apple during the early to late 90’s. It was a pity that the latter’s property was bought due to a hike of rent and is presently a Gold’s Gym…The former migrated to Newark months before that happened… :shake: **


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If you build it, they will play.

The arcades will pay for themselves.
You just need a good deal on rent and electricity.
Annnnd, your best bet is probably in a borough.