Need some general tips


My execution is terrible when I am fighting on the right side of the screen(As if I were the 2nd player,and I am fighting Player 1 while moving to the left side).

It just feels too strange,Any tips to get better while fighting as Player 2?

Yeah I know I sound retarded so don’t rub it in too much :arazz:






I try,but I haven’t reaped the results just yet.I’ll keep on trying until I get better.

For the sake of just saying so,I can perform EX-Mantis slash consectuively if I play as Player 1.When I am on the other side of the screen and fighting player 1,and I have to perform Ex-Mantis slash moving to the left,I might as well be flipping a two-headed coin.


Then make sure you go for heads next time.

Nah but seriously, thats kinda weird, im definitely the opposite, though all the stuff i need i can on either side anyway. Try holding your stick “conventionally” if ure not already. And look at your hands when ure practising, to make sure ure going through the entire motion smoothly.


You just gotta let those qcfs flow. Begin easily, lighten your grip on the stick if it’s kind of tight and continue hitting mantis slashes from the 2p side. Start slow, then continously get faster. Then move onto EX-mantis and do the same thing, just have a smooth, flowing rhythm to it.

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.”


Hm, well in that case, practice. Do you think theres some magic potion? Just because you haven’t seen any results yet doesn’t mean it wont happen.


might be the way you hold your hand. it’s just going to take more work on that side than the other. Not like, practicing a few days for an hour a day and then getting frustrated and giving up. if you’re serious you’re going to have to put in a lot of work.

most players are slightly handicap on a particular side, or actually a better way of saying it is they prefer a certain side. Most great players I speak to will say they feel more comfortable on so and so side. personally I like 2p but I can perform well either way because I work constantly on 1p side.


try putting your thumb on top of the stick. well i dont know i’m better from 2p side


Thanks guys for all of the tips :wgrin:

Nothing to do,but to practice more and more I s’pose.When I get tired I’ll have to practice even more :wgrin:


Training mode all day long. Just sit in training mode and do different combos into mantis slashes. Set up the opponent in parry training to do certain attacks and then punish with parry to EX mantis. Keep practicing till you can do it consistantly. You just have to get your hands coordinated to hitting the stick correctly on both sides without having to think about it.


Even when you feel like you have things down, you should still spend time just maintaining that ease of execution as often as possible. I used to practice execution 3-4 hours a day, to the point where I was nailing all my supers and combos 99% of the time. Since then I’ve gotten lazy, and now I’m having to do a lot of cross ups to stay on the 1p side. Now I’m in the same boat as you again :sad:


just stop playing.

just kidding. Practice.


when youre doing mantis slashes on the right side try flicking your wrist real quick from down to left instead of trying to force the motion. also see if switching up the way you hold the stick helps you. I used to hold my stick one way when i was on the left side and a completley diffrent way when i was on the right side, but that could get annoying if you like your crossup i guess.


a good way to practice scince you can do this in any game is to try arcade mode on the console and just try to stay on that side the whole match, practice anti air, super comboes, whatever.


i have the exact opposite problem. i am very consistent on 2p side but shit when it comes to 1p side.

IMO, when playing on 2p side, there is less stick movement required to pull off qcf’s/dp/super motions.


Yep, it’s cause most ppl use flicks of the thumb to do moves on P2 side, but on P1 you gotta put more of your body into it, which slows everything down. Fuck P1 side…


I don’t have a problem on the p2 or p1 side, but I perfer playing on the p2 side more than the p1 side.

The only problem I ever got was when I was playing mvc2 and this dumbass was mashing on the captain commando sword super like crazy and he somehow hits my start button.


Do you even need to mash during Commando’s super? People just mash everything in that game…


You can’t mash the super.