Need some good tips

i don’t know is me or the crimp tool that i just bought suck ass but i am having a hard time stripping the wires. oh i bought the crimp in radioshack.
any good tips to make my life easier?

Shit man, I used to strip insulated copper wire with needle nose pliers, a bic lighter, a lot of swearing, a good bit of pain and a shitton too much effort.

You’re having trouble with the crimper?

Are you talking about a wire stripper? A wire stripper and and a wire crimper are two different types of tools - but some tools are a combination of both.

I have a JT&T stripper and it’s got a set of teeth on the inner part of the handles that do crimping. The stripper part of the tool is basically an “insert wire - squeeze handle” type of operation.


well is a crimper + cutter + stripper.
is not stripping the wire that great have to use alot of force.

use your teeth

Well usually on those multi tool deals the crimping part is a seperate part than the stripping part. Are you using the correct spot on the tool?

i did do that too lol. going buy a wire stripper.
it’s label where to put to cut crimp and strip.

I got a tool like this for cheap from Big Lots. It was probably 5 dollars. You should do a test run before you rely on this, but it worked well on the wires I had.

True man advice.

I’d do the same, feels great against your teeth, A++ would bite again.

I have some cheap wire strippers and they work perfectly fine. Only thing I can think of is that you aren’t using the right gauge on the stripper. The stripper should be labeled with the different gauges so make sure you are placing the wire in the correct spot.

Exactly what I was thinking.

On my stripper/crimper, there are multiple crimping segments. The one that I use kinda resembles a little divot on one side of the handle and a dull spike on the other handle.

Like this: (< That one usually gets me the most secure crimps.

I’d take a picture, but I have no idea where my cam is right now.


is label where to strip and the gauges i am pretty sure i am placing on the right place

I have heard that the $40+ crimpers are really worth it.

Usually the wire stripper/crimper combo tools are not too good at either of their jobs. I can attest to that.

Stripping wire is part of how I make my living. First, don’t use low-quality tools. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to drop a ton of money either. May I suggest this:

This will work fine for general purpose stripping and crimping, cutting smaller screws, and it even has pliers at the tips.

Besides that:

Make certain to turn the tool around the wire back and forth a quarter-turn or so after closing the jaws before you strip. This will save a lot of frustration. When it doubt, start with the larger stripping notch. IMO the ideal strip is when you are able to score the wire enough to pull off the part of the jacket you are trying to strip with your fingers. This way you know you aren’t cutting too deep and not damaging or cutting any of the strands. When in doubt, leave extra length on the wire in case you screw up.

Edit: The tool I linked to is suitable for wire only as small as 22 AWG. If you are dealing with smaller wire, which may very well be the case with joysticks, you’ll need a tool with smaller stripping notches. Trying to strip 26 or even 24 AWG wire in 22 AWG notches simply doesn’t work very well. Stanley Supply Services is a nice shop for high quality tools for electrical and electronics work.

sweet thanks i’ll look in to that one if that wire stripper doesn’t work that great only csot me 12 bucks shipped so not too bad.

i am using 22 gauge wires

It’s the same tool I use both on the job and at home so I know it’ll work fine unless you are going to be using any wire smaller than 22 AWG. I did have one of these that I used enough to wear out some of the stripping notches but for typical occasional use it will probably last a lifetime.

Honestly, for 18-24 AWG, it’s pretty easy to use scissors to strip wires.

I use scissors and my teeth. Use slight pressure with the scissors to break through the covering, push the scissors towards the end of the cable to provide a small gap and a bigger break in the covering then just bite the thing off

I used a stanley blade.