Need some Gouken assets from SF4 PC

Hey everyone, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but this seemed like the best place to ask.

I’m trying to make a funny screensaver which involves Gouken infinitely spinning around in his air hurricane animation, but moving around and bouncing off the wall like normal screensavers. Every time he bounces off the wall, I want to play the goofy English voice clip from his air hurricane. (This is also a bit of an excuse for me to program something in XNA for the first time and learn a bit about that)

So I need:

  • The individual frames of Gouken’s air hurricane animation (against a black or transparent background) in good quality, enough to do one complete loop
  • The English voice clip for air hurricane, and also a clip of Gouken saying “You can’t stop me!”

Can anyone here help me get this stuff off the SF4 PC version? I don’t own it and wouldn’t have any idea how to go about it even if I did. Thanks.