Need some help about my new joystick


I just bought a new joystick to mod my SE madcatz stick and i bought a sanwa JLF-TM and didnt know it would not work with the stick is there a way to make it connect or to i have to send it back and get the right one… Please help
Oh and i bought it from Lizard Lick


It is up to you. There is always a way to get it wired up and other stuff but the question is do you want to put forth the effort or not. Contact Liizardlick and see what options you have to return or exchange or something aswell. But if you want to send it back you want to contact asap and not let it sit around. IMO


This guy had the same problem. I could make a harness adaptor and sell to you if you want.


I made a second one with a header in case I needed it. This one installs much cleaner. $7 if you live in the US.


sounds good i live in Tulsa,OK add me on XBL (PsC x IMMoRTaL) I am easy to get a hold of on there.


Ummn. It is easer for me if we just use the PM system here to exchange paypal info. It is a pain to try to communicate on my xbox. My headsets don’t seem to work.


Damn rtdzign, i should have waited for the 2nd generation of your harness, looks pro-er haha. Heck if you can get an exact replica of the one that comes in the stick already to fit even cleaner and lengthier, im in. Let the 3rd gen go lol
Yea to the OP, it will work, the harness he will sell you does the trick. Just follow the colors and you will be set.