Need some help building my Spidey team



I’m building a team around Spidey because he’s my wonderful lady’s favorite marvel hero. Because I’m a nice guy like that. Now that that’s out of the way…

I’ve gotten pretty good with characters by themselves. Now I’m looking to build a team based around Spidey to unleash those nasty combos that last 20 minutes. My problem is, I haven’t quite gotten a grasp on how characters work together, and why some work better than others.
But before you start thinking up a team… let me say this. I want to stick to playing characters I like because I like them. Not because they’re OP or unstoppable. So let me list the ones I enjoy, and if possiblr, I’d like them to be fit into the team ovet anyone not listed.

Frank West, Zero, Dante, Felicia, Akuma, Amaterasu, Nova, Hawkeye, Thor, and Magneto.

What I would like is the team, the assist(and why the assist work for the specific purpose of combos in a spidey team), and possibly some starter ideas for some nasty combos. And of course, who’s on point, second and anchor. And anything else anyone can think of.

My purpose is not only to get better, but to use this team to better my understanding of team synergy.


Spidey-Dante works rather well and the team I use currently. Spidey is a point character, so synergy mostly works one way. Dante’s jam session gives him a lockdown and a combo extender assist. After a spider sting or a web throw, you can raw tag into Dante to continue the combo, optimally going for the Million Dollars>Crawler Assault DHC (two mashable hypers for big damage). Devil trigger also gives Spidey a safe DHC if need be, and in that order, you can setup some DT>UWT shenanigans.

I use Strider on anchor so the general team idea is the Spider-man is the battery and Dante is a kinda like a secondary battery that uses meter to secure kills, but should build enough to maintain a high amount of meter. This leaves Strider with a healthy amount of meter and XFactor to play with. I’ve used anchor Hawkeye similarly but not on this team. That team would work, but I have not used it personally. My experience is rather limited with the other characters unforunately, lol. Hope this helps in the slightest


That helps a ton, actually. Finding a different anchor that works well with spidey/dante shouldn’t be too tough. Someone who can abuse high meter, X Factor, and has some sort of a helpful assist? I can think of a few. Might throw Akuma on anchor? With his b assist. I wonder how well that would work?


Personally, I’d say use Ryu instead of Akuma… But that’s just me.

Akuma is kind of like glass cannon. Ryu has A LOT more health.
Akuma’s Super Hadoken goes one way. Ryu’s Super Hadoken can go Up, down, and Sideways and is perfect to use before or after a Maximum Spider in any situation (The adaptability of that move helps a lot)
Both characters do really well on X-Factor, though I use Ryu more so I know his damage on XF is really good. Not as sure about Akuma.
The only thing Akuma REALLY beats Ryu in is assists. Ryu’s assists are pretty terrible. Well… That and mobility. Ryu’s mobility isn’t especially good.

Your choice, but I personally think Ryu’s a better deal for Spidey.


The team building thread has lots of info you can use. It’s also much better to post there as more people have that thread on watch.