Need some help. CvS2 probs


I’ve been playing CvS2 for a few months now, and I think I have most opf the basics down, but I’m having a bit of trouble with some of the mechanics of the grooves(mainly A groove). I used to pimp out S groove mainly got counter attack and the fact you can pull off supers in desperation once your life bar is flashing, but I was recently introduced to A groove by a friend and through some vidoes of people pulling off chained supers.

The problem I have is mainly finding a decent team with A groove(only person I am proficient with is Ken), and learning how to pull off customs with A groove, because it sure as hell dosent feel like SFA3 for me. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what are some good characters to use on A groove? I’ve been sticking with a pair team(two ratio 2’s), but Im experimenting with a 3 fighter team also. Also, what are some technicalities to using A groove, like how to use its advantages to your advantage(bad grammer, I know)?



Sakura, Bison, Iori, Akuma, Ken…I know there are others, but these are the ones I thought of off the top of my head. Go to these character’s specific boards fro more info. And when activating a CC, it has some invincibility frames. I’m sure that helps sometimes :smiley:


Ecko I like to use Ryo in A groove he has a combo which takes practically the whole life bar from an r2. Basically just get them in the corner, get the first one or two hits in, maybe jumping fierce kick, sfk then chuck around 7 - 8 fireballs or that qcb punch combo thing ( timing needs to be good ) then go straight into the zanretsuken ( I think thats what its called ) then finish with either of his supers. The houshoukooken ( large fireball thingy ) does less damage though.

Terry has a decent one too start the combo off with a few fierce hits then keep juggling them with rising tackles and before the last hit do a power guyser or buster wolf, pretty cool but not that big on damage.

Kyo`s is cheap but effective. Either use the first hit of his wicked chew combo repeatedly or Dt and fierce kick repeatedly into a super to finish.

Just a few simple effective ones off the top of my head, I`m sure people will give you better ones.

I like using a mixed bag with ken, most people online only use the fierce kick into shinryuken, I use about 7 fireballs, then fierce kicks into either finisher, looks a lot nicer hehe.


and if u dont want to do hard shit, just keep jumping and keep hitting jab :stuck_out_tongue: and then only once mp or something, super