Need some help finding a new comic series, suggestions?

srk, I’d love some help finding some good comic story lines to track with while i wait for my next doc visit for hand tendonitis (haven’t been able to play games for more than 20 minutes for 6 months now).

i used to be into comics waaaaay back in like 91-96, love reading the classics (watchmen, dark knight, akira, etc.), started picking up some of the stuff from the last few years thats made a splash (scott pilgrim, the millar stuff like wanted and kick ass, garth ennis stuff like preacher and his amazing punisher run). was going through civil war but kinda got bored, i think my tastes lie more in mature themes and tight story rather than endlessly perpetuated stories that always seem to get re-booted.

any suggestions for me comic wise? classic must read runs on old stuff (thinking about checking out the frank miller daredevil run) or really interesting, groundbreaking stuff from the last 10 years or so?

I’d love any suggestions, thanks!

For current issue stuff read…

Swamp Thing, American Vampire, and Batman by Scott Snyder (also his run on Detective Comics in the Black Mirror TPB is the best Batman arc since Year One)
Animal Man by Jeff Lemire
Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello
Punisher by Greg Rucka
Daredevil by Mark Waid
Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz and
Lady Mechanika by Joe Benitez.

Pretty much everyone i know that reads homestuck loves it although i really don’t like to consider it a comic like they do.
I’ve tried reading it, i only got to like act 3 or 4 couldn’t really get into it and i tried…hard.

maybe you would like it

megatokyo was ok i like the earlier volumes a lot better when both the creaters were working on it you can definitely notice his absence.

I just tore through the entire walking dead series in a few weeks. Pick up the collection on amazon of issues 1-48 for relatively cheap, you’ll be hooked

y the last man

Luther Strode
Punk Rock Jesus

all the superhero shit sucks

Savage Sword of Conan.
Conan’s first 100 maybe 200)

found it too expensive buying issues monthly and theres too many crap rehashed comics you gotta dodge (avoid anything by Bendis). i only pick up the cheap black and white softpaper backs like essential Avengers vol 1, essential Hulk, Worlds finestet, etc

read good stuff about y the last man, seems like it could be cool but here’s my one question: is it boring?

If you’ve ever looked at Fist of the North Star and thought, “This would be better if the fights were more creative, the characters had more personality, the story was a thousand times crazier, and the homoerotic undertones were dialed way up past 11”, then Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure might be the right series for you. :slight_smile: