Need Some Help Finding some various CC with Rock

Yo. I have done a search and and come up with nothing. The rock thread is huge in strategy (at least too big for me to devote that much time to just find cc) zone.

I know the cc where it’s hard edge + RK into corner, rising tackle with raging finish.

i also know the ground. s. fr to 5, 6 or 7 count sweep then finishl with the one’s above.

I am just looking for as much information on rock once he activates. Any advice will be nice and the only reason i posted here is because i know i would catch more eyes. Hope i did not break any rules:wonder:

Thanks in advance for any assistance given.


Roll cancel counter all day long. best move ever. :confused:

…and if that doesn’t work try here


Good shit SK.

David: I posted in the orlando thread but in case you don’t see it:

Damn yo i have not really explored what rock could do based of what i have read.

I would really benefit from is any info when you randomly activate in order to create an opening like with hibiki. I found out about the 360 throw cancel but, it seems that people have been hit by that therefore it’s been voided befoer i even try it and i get punised… shakes fist in anger :mad: damn you RN