Need Some Help For an Album Cover

I’m working on a SF-themed instrumental mixtape. I makes hip hop beats, so it is primarily a hip-hop meets Street Fighter type of project. Here are some links to some of my songs.

[media=youtube]ieKZyDPRMro[/media] <–This one comes from Dudley’s stage in SF3s.

[media=youtube]XR3DU2J8cBU[/media] <–This one comes from Necro/Twelve’s stage in SF3s.

[media=youtube]adHgVe0d824[/media] <-- This one comes from Ibuki’s stage in SF3s.

I have a few mores cuts that I am including on this project, but these are some of my favorites.

I’m not sure what I want to call the album, but any creative input and advice would be much appreciated.

I’m looking for someone to help contribute some cool artwork that I can use for cover art, whether it be photoshop or what have you.

Thanks SRKers.

Hey, Nice stuff. I like the Necro one the best.

I’d be willing to help you out in my spare time.(Which is all the time) If you have any concepts let me know and I’ll put something together. PM me or IM me on AIM: Jaysunli if this thread happens to get closed for some reason.

I do take cheap commissions, if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

your music is smooooooooth!!! im gonna do a fan cover lol

Thanks man.

I think what I might do, is at least have an image folder that contains any fan cover that would pertain to this SF project that I am producing. Anyone who wants to make a cover for shits and giggles is more than welcome. It will inspire new musical ideas for me.

I am taking this project rather serious and hope to get it published eventually.

these beats are well good! just chillout to these man!

hope u do get to do the whole album man, i could make a fan cover just dunno whether my cover will be good haha!