Need some help in wiring ps3 wireless to se arcade stick

Hello, i want to make my se arcade stick wireless, there is good news and bad news

Good news is that i have got a official wireless controller which i dont require

Bad news is i dont know how to do it

Can some one explain or walk me through or give me a good guide because iv seen this

i understand how to which wire goes where but when it comes to the joystick i get confused.

The way i was thinking was to do it like this sodder 1 wire to the button e.g. the x button then use QD’s to connect it to the sanwa button after that do the same with others also with daisy chain the ground wire with all the buttons. If im right please let me know or if im close lol. after the buttons i will purchase JLF-H 5 PIN JOYSTICK CABLE and connect it to the directions on the controller then attach the other end to the joystick then its DONE!!! PLEASE HELP ME I THINK IM KINDA CONFUSED LOL HELP!!!:annoy:

Okay, soldering to the PS3 board is mad insane to do. Don’t do this. Use a ribbon connector to the PCB to make it solder-free. Better yet, get an AXISdaptor, it will do the heavy work for you, then solder wires to the AXISdaptor board, and connect to your buttons. Note: ribbon connectors work only on SIXAXIS and early Dualshock 3 boards.

Don’t daisy-chain ground. The board is not common ground, this will not work. There are 4 different commons. Daisy chain like-colored commons according to the diagram. Unless if you get a Project Leo board, which forces the PS3 board to be common ground, then you can daisy chain ground. But if you’re using AXISdaptor, you will need to be sure you know which common is shared between which buttons. As I said, these are color-coded in your diagram.

Also, with your JLF-TP-8, since you have wire harness, DO NOT connect the ground wire to ground. Connect it to the red common in the diagram. They all use the same common, but connecting it to ground is bad.


im really really confused :wtf:

What are you confuse?