Need some help linking lights



I have been trying to do my Mk, Lp, blanka ball.

but chaining the Mk with the Lp, is close to impossible, even in practise i miss it most of the time.

I see pro players pulling it off with ease, hell i see them chaining like 3 Lp’s to a blanka ball.

I know i should only try to tap the Lp once, because its easier then just spamming the Lp, but got damn i can never time it properly.

any tips on how to get this done?

also please excuse my pore grammar and english, i am spanish.


It is hard combo. When I was actullay using this combo(I use MP now) I would press jab when his second leg was coming down from the 2nd hit. You have to get it into you muscle memory to get consistant with it.


ya i figured as much, i try to hit it the same time you do.

but the problem is, the closer you are to hitting the lp the most likely your going to miss the lp entirely.


nobody can do unplinkable 1 frame links (LP) consistently!
I think trying to master it is impossible and not worth the time!
its good to train it, cuz it trains your muscle memory but you will never achieve 100% execution!
if you can link s.LP -> s.LP -> s.LP more than 80% than you are GDLK imo

still waiting for somebody to prove me wrong!


Psssh. It’s possible. How long would it take? Who knows, but it’s definitely possible.


doing st.lp x 3 is absolutely worthless though, there isn’t any point where it would be the best thing to do.

st.lp x 2 has merits however.

For, st.lp xx ball/elec you have to hit the jab much much sooner than you would think because of how fast recovers.

In terms of unplinkable 1 framers, high level claw play requires it and honestly I can do his cr.jab x 2, 70% of the time and he’s my 6th or 7th character.


tsrai blanka links all 1 frame links of blanka. even 3 low short kicks into ultra he done before . his fingers are godlike indeed.


Tsrai takes out his brain for matches and puts it in his TE stick. It’s wired up to the bottom of the Sanwa buttons. Quite a simple mod. Leaves the whole eye>brain>hand>button process out of the equation. He just rests his fingers on the buttons, motionless.


TSRAI is a great player but there are many vids where he drops combos like everyone else

he is not godlike he is just very good