Need some help please


Im kinda new to street fighter but i played it before and know all the basic stuff.
I play cody at the moment and im having trouble getting his ultra 1 after the QCF HK FADC. I feels like i cannot hit the two QCF in time for the ultra. Sometimes i able to land it though. But mostly i get the ex rocks. I also play sakura and i have no trouble landing her ultra 2 after the ex tatsu for example. But same goes for the ultra 1 with her since i have to dash and then do it im not able to land it. Is there some kind of easier was to get the 2 QCF?


nobody that can help?


Not sure what to tell you, just gotta practice. I had a lot of trouble doing FADC-ultra for a while, but after spending a bunch of time in training mode I got it down.

Go into training mode, and practice ultra, until you can do it really fast. Then do dash-Ultra until you can do it 10/10 times. then focus-attack, dash, ultra. small steps and you’ll be fine, but it takes time.


The difference is that you have about 4 years to input Ultra 2 after Sakura’s EX tatsu. Unfortunately, there’s no secret method, no shortcuts. You’re just going to have to practice until you get it down.


That’s just crazy talk. From SF4 to USF4, I’ve had the game probably 6 months total. Your either pressing the input too slow or pressing the input to fast. If you have difficulty with input simply go to training mode and I know it sounds boring but spend a few minutes trying to get the input down, if you still can’t get it right spend even more time if your really interested in learning how to use an ultra.


thanks guys